Kizik Shoes Review: The Hands-Free, Slip-On Sneakers

Discover the ins and outs of Kizik footwear in our comprehensive Kizik Shoes Review. From hands-free technology to comfort and style, find out if they’re worth the investment.

Kizik sneakers offer a unique hands-free, slip-on design that makes them easy to put on and kick off. The brand has made waves with their innovative laceless shoes. In this in-depth review, we’ll examine Kizik’s special features, styling, comfort, durability, sizing, and more.

Overview of Kizik Shoes

Kizik was founded in 2019 by brothers Michael and Jeffrey Morosoff. Frustrated by tangled shoelaces and the hassle of tying shoes, they set out to create a completely hands-free sneaker.

Kizik achieved this with their signature KickstepTM technology. A patented internal lever system allows you to slide your foot into the sneakers and the back heel will snap into place automatically.

Beyond hands-free wear, Kizik sneakers also offer exceptional comfort with their shock-absorbing foam soles. The brand appeals to active lifestyles from travel to fitness pursuits.

Kizik shoes are available directly through as well as retailers like Nordstrom, REI, and Zappos. Price points range from $109-$139 USD.

Next, let’s take a detailed look at what sets Kizik sneakers apart.

Key Features and Benefits

Here are the standout features of Kizik shoes:

Kickstep Hands-Free Entry System

Kizik’s unique hands-free entry system allows you to slip into the shoes without needing to touch the heels or bend down. Just slide your foot in and the back lever will automatically snap into place.

To take them off, firmly press your heel to release the back lever. This lets you easily kick off the shoes.

Cushioned Comfort

Kizik sneakers contain cushioned memory foam insoles that mold to your feet. The responsive foam soles absorb impact and reduce pressure for all-day comfort.

Ventilated Knit Uppers

The shoes are constructed from breathable knit textiles that feel like your favorite socks. This creates a flexible and ventilated feel.

Grippy Rubber Outsoles

The bottoms are outfitted with durable rubber outsoles that provide traction indoor and outdoor. The tread offers a solid grip without picking up dirt.

Reflective Elements

Reflective accents on the heels improve visibility in low light conditions. This helps with safety during nighttime dog walks, early morning runs, or late nights out.

Machine Washable

Kizik shoes can be tossed in the washing machine to keep them fresh. The knit material holds up well through cleaning cycles.

Kizik Shoe Styles

Kizik offers both lifestyle and performance sneaker models to suit different needs:

Lifestyle Sneakers

The lifestyle designs like the Atlanta, Austin, and Monterey have a fashionable, casual look for everyday wear. They come in low and high top versions with colors like black, gray, white, blue, and red. Some fun patterns are also available.

Performance Sneakers

Performance styles like the Laguna, Napa, and San Diego are made for action. These feature breathable woven mesh uppers, antimicrobial treatments, and sturdier arch support. You’ll find them in sporty color combos and prints.

In addition to patterns, Kizik partners with brands like Ren & Stimpy, Jesus Shoes, Grateful Dead, and Captain Planet for fun pop culture collaborations.

How Do Kizik Shoes Fit and Feel?

Here’s a breakdown of how Kizik sneakers fit on your feet:

Snug Midfoot Wrap

Since there are no laces, Kizik shoes incorporate elastic bands that hug your midfoot securely. This creates a comfortable snugness around the bridge of your foot.

Heel Locks into Place

The lever system allows your heel to lock firmly into place once you slide your foot in. This prevents your foot from slipping around unnecessarily.

Toe Box Room

Kizik shoes have a roomy, rounded toe box area that lets your toes spread naturally without feeling constricted.

Lightweight Feel

The knit fabric and foam soles make Kiziks feel barely there. The shoes have a featherlight quality and are easy to walk in.

Outsole Flexibility

The grooves in the rubber outsole allow the shoes to flex with the motion of your foot for natural movement.

Overall, the fit is designed to feel like a comfy pair of slippers. The adjustable elastic collar and foam construction provide a pleasant snugness without restriction.

Sizing and Width Options

Kizik offers a good range of sizes but limited width options:

  • Men’s sizes range from 7 to 15
  • Women’s sizes span 5 to 12
  • Whole sizes only, no half sizes
  • Medium width is available
  • They fit true to size
  • The shoes will accommodate slightly wide feet thanks to the knit uppers
  • Those with very wide feet may experience tightness in the heel

Consult Kizik’s print-out sizing guide if you are between sizes or have wide feet. Trying thick socks can also allow for more room in a smaller size.

Durability and Construction

How well do Kizik shoes hold up over time? Here is an overview:

Outsoles Wear Over Time

The rubber outsoles provide good traction at first but tend to flatten out over months of heavy use. Replacing the insoles can help prolong the life.

Foam Insoles Compress

The cushioned foam insoles will gradually compress and lose bounce. Insoles may need to be switched out roughly every 6 months to maintain comfort.

Knit Uppers Are Sturdy

The knit fabric uppers prove quite durable, resisting tears or holes through extensive wear. They hold structure and bounce back well.

Lever System Functions Well

The internal lever system retains its spring and kicking-off function even after months of frequent use. It’s built to withstand constant motion.

Overall, Kizik users can expect their shoes to last around 12-18 months with heavy rotation. With care, they can look presentable for daily wear for several years.

Where Can You Buy Kizik Shoes?

Kizik sneakers are sold through several online and in-store retailers:

The official Kizik website offers the complete collection of styles. You can shop by activity, collab, fit, and more. Site-wide discounts are common. Free shipping and returns in the US.


Carries a curated selection of the most popular Kizik sneakers. Free shipping and returns.


Outdoor retailer REI stocks performance-focused Kizik styles and collabs like HOKA. Members get free shipping.


Large array of Kizik sneakers with free shipping both ways on all orders.


Offers a limited range of colorways and sizes, often at discounted pricing. Check reviews. Free shipping with Prime.

You can also find Kizik shoes at specialty shoe stores and some department stores like DSW and Macy’s. Trying them on in-store helps dial in your ideal size.

The Pros and Cons of Kizik


  • True hands-free slip on design
  • Cloud-like cushioning
  • Machine washable
  • Secure midfoot hold
  • Contemporary style
  • Durable lever system


  • Limited width options
  • Foam insoles compress over time
  • Outsoles wear down quickly
  • Snug heel may irritate some
  • Higher price point

Kizik sneakers deliver on their promise of hassle-free wear and plush comfort. The hands-free entry lives up to the hype. Just know the fit won’t work for all foot shapes. And budget for replacing the insoles occasionally.

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Kizik Shoes

Here are some pro tips for maximizing your Kizik sneakers:

  • Order a half size up if between sizes or have wider feet
  • Replace the insoles every 6 months to maintain cushioning
  • Use the machine wash cycle monthly to clean shoes
  • Let shoes fully air dry after washing before wearing again
  • Spray shoes with disinfectant to eliminate odors
  • Apply fabric protector spray to prevent stains
  • Try adding orthotic inserts if you need extra arch support
  • Wear thick socks to take up room if shoes feel loose

With some care, Kizik sneakers can provide years of comfortable performance. They make getting out the door a snap.

Final Thoughts: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Kizik shoes successfully marry technology with comfort and style, delivering a truly unique footwear experience. Although they are on the pricier side, the hands-free technology, quality materials, and sophisticated designs make them a worthy investment for those willing to pay a premium for convenience.

Whether you’re a busy professional, a parent who needs to rush out the door, or someone who struggles with bending over, Kizik shoes could bring a significant improvement to your daily routine.

Rating: 4.5/5

Given the innovation, style, and user satisfaction, I rate Kizik shoes a 4.5 out of 5. The brand has room for improvement, especially in terms of expanding their range for women and making them more affordable. However, in its current state, Kizik is already changing the game in footwear.

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