Gatsby Shoes Review: I Tried Them and You Won’t BELIEVE What Happened

Explore the latest trends with our Gatsby Shoes Review. Uncover stylish designs, comfort, and quality. Find your perfect pair for a fashion-forward stride.

Gatsby shoes have become increasingly popular in recent years for their classic yet modern styling and comfortable fit. As more consumers search for stylish yet functional footwear, Gatsby has positioned itself as a go-to brand for versatile and well-made shoes.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at Gatsby shoes, including:

  • An overview of the Gatsby brand
  • Gatsby shoe styles and key features
  • Details on fit, sizing, and comfort
  • Style and quality of materials
  • Where to buy Gatsby shoes
  • Pros and cons of Gatsby footwear
  • Recommendations for different uses and lifestyles

By the end of this review, you’ll have all the details you need to determine if Gatsby shoes are the right choice for your needs and preferences. Let’s dive in and start exploring the Gatsby shoe brand.

Overview of the Gatsby Shoe Brand

Gatsby is a relatively new footwear company started in 2017 in Portugal. Despite its young age, Gatsby has quickly made a name for itself by combining timeless styles with modern comfort technologies.

Some key facts about Gatsby:

  • Founded in 2017 in Portugal
  • Focus on sleek, versatile shoes for men and women
  • Emphasis on comfort and walkability
  • Variety of casual and dress shoe styles
  • High-quality leather and suede materials
  • Mix of classic and contemporary designs
  • Price range from $99-$159 USD

Gatsby was started by footwear enthusiasts who struggled to find shoes that were both stylish and comfortable for everyday wear. After recognizing this gap in the market, they set out to create shoes that blended aesthetics and functionality through quality materials and thoughtful construction techniques.

The brand name Gatsby evokes the roaring 1920s, an era known for breaking traditions and modernizing fashion and culture. Similarly, Gatsby shoes put a contemporary twist on classic footwear.

Though a young company, Gatsby has already made significant inroads with its selection of comfortably modern shoes for men and women. Next, let’s look at the key styles and features that define the Gatsby shoe brand.

Why Invest in a Pair of Gatsby Shoes?

In today’s world of fast fashion and cheap footwear, Gatsby represents a return to an era of quality over quantity. There are several compelling reasons to invest in your first pair:

  • Superior Comfort: The anatomical last, cushioning, and flexibility makes them extraordinarily comfortable even on first wear. No painful break-in!
  • They Go the Distance: With proper care, you’ll wear them for years before needing a resole. Cost per wear makes them a sound investment.
  • Elegant Styling: From professional settings to a weekend dinner, Gatsby’s refined silhouettes pair perfectly with various looks.
  • Artisanal Craftsmanship: You can feel the generations of cobbling expertise in the finish and small details. A glove-like fit.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Gatsby sources leathers sustainably and ethically. Investing in a pair over disposable shoes is the eco-friendly choice.
  • Bottom Line: Your feet deserve Gatsby’s personalized fit, pillowy feel, and graceful aging. Treat them to handcrafted shoes made just for you.
Gatsby Shoes
Gatsby Shoes

Gatsby Shoe Styles and Key Features

Gatsby offers a range of footwear styles for men and women, including oxfords, loafers, sneakers, boots, and more. Despite the variety, some consistent features define the Gatsby shoe aesthetic and construction:

Gatsby Shoes
Gatsby Shoes

Sleek, Minimalist Silhouette

Gatsby shoes have a slender, streamlined profile that creates a modern, refined look. Clean lines and simple detailing allow the natural beauty of the leather to shine.

Premium Leathers

From full-grain leather to suede, all Gatsby shoes use high-quality leather from reputable tanneries. The leather is supple and molds to the feet over time.

Blake Stitch Construction

This traditional stitching technique provides flexibility while maintaining the shoe’s structure. It contributes to Gatsby’s comfortable wear.

Comfort Technologies

Many styles feature extra cushions, padded collars, and rubber soles for shock absorption and all-day wearability.

Versatile, Wearable Styles

Gatsby designs classic silhouettes like oxfords and loafers with fresh color options and material mixes, making them modern wardrobe staples.

Reasonable Pricing

Despite the quality leather and craftsmanship, Gatsby shoes range from $99-$159 USD, providing excellent value.

Now that we’ve covered the Gatsby basics, let’s look more closely at sizing, fit, and comfort. These factors are crucial for happy feet!

Gatsby Shoe Fit, Sizing, and Comfort

Finding the right shoe fit is key to comfort. Here is an overview of how Gatsby shoes fit, plus sizing and comfort notes:

How Gatsby Shoes Fit

  • Run true-to-size for most feet
  • Fit is roomy in the toe box
  • Can fit narrow to slightly wide feet
  • Leathers stretch and mold to feet over time

Size Offerings

  • Men’s sizes range from 7 to 13
  • Women’s sizes range from 5 to 11 (some styles go up to 12)
  • Half sizes available for precise fit

Comfort Features

  • Cushioned insoles and padded collars
  • Flexible midsoles for shock absorption
  • Textured rubber outsoles for traction
  • Premium leathers mold and soften naturally

Break-In Period

  • Many styles require little break-in time
  • Some leather shoes take 1-2 weeks to fully break in
  • Break-in process should not be painful

While sizing varies by shoe style, most Gatsby models aim for an accommodating fit suitable for wide ranges of foot shapes. Extended wear allows the leather to perfectly conform to your feet.

Now that we’ve covered fit, let’s move onto assessing the quality and styles of Gatsby shoe materials.

Gatsby Shoe Materials and Styles

From buttery leather to rugged rubber soles, Gatsby uses high-quality materials to create durable and stylish shoes. Here is an overview:


  • Full-grain leather from Portugal and Italy
  • Aniline leather treated for soft feel
  • Suede leathers for depth and texture


  • Rubber soles in varied tread patterns
  • Flexible midsoles for shock absorption
  • Durable construction for long wear

Style Variety

  • Oxfords in sleek and cap toe styles
  • Low-top lace up sneakers
  • Monk strap loafers
  • Chukka boots
  • Chelsea boots
  • Slip-on loafers

Color Options

  • Range of neutrals like black, brown, beige
  • Pops of color in shades like red, blue, green
  • Interesting material mixes, suedes

Gatsby uses quality leathers from reputable tanneries in Europe. Their materials team works closely with artisans to meet quality standards.

With all the details so far on styles and construction, you likely want to know where to get your hands on these shoes!

Top Gatsby Shoe Styles

Gatsby Shoes offers a range of footwear from oxfords to sneakers, but certain styles stand out as customer favorites. Based on customer reviews and sales data, here are 5 of the most popular Gatsby shoes:

1. The Oxford

The classic Oxford shoe with its lace-up design and sleek silhouette represents the ultimate Gatsby style. Available in shades like tan, brown, and black, it works effortlessly for the office or a night out.

  • Key Features: Cap toe or plain toe, 6-eyelet lace-up, low heel, leather or suede
  • Style Tip: Pair with chinos or dress pants for a polished look

“I can wear my black leather Gatsby Oxfords with everything from suits to dark denim. They’re so versatile and comfortable right out of the box.”

2. The Loafer

From boardrooms to city strolls, Gatsby’s leather loafers deliver understated sophistication. The slip-on style features hand-stitched accents at the toe.

  • Key Features: Slip-on leather design, small heel, cushioned insole, textured rubber sole
  • Style Tip: Dress up with trousers or go business casual with chinos

“Gatsby loafers have become my go-to for running errands and commuting around the city. So much easier than lace-ups when I’m on the go.”

3. The Monk Strap

This sophisticated style gets an update with contrast stitching or two-tone leathers. The distinctive monk strap and buckle add polished detail.

  • Key Features: Single or double monk strap, low stacked heel, premium leather upper
  • Style Tip: Pair with dress pants or sharp chinos for a dash of modern edge

“I always get compliments when I wear my brown leather and suede two-tone monk straps to the office. They make any outfit look instantly sharper.”

4. The Chelsea Boot

Gatsby’s Chelsea boots find the sweet spot between rugged and refined. The elastic side panels ensure they’re easy to slip on and off.

  • Key Features: Neutral leather/suede, elastic gore side panels, pull tab, lugged sole
  • Style Tip: Perfect for casual Fridays with jeans or on the weekend with chinos

“With both leather and suede options, the Gatsby Chelsea boots offer great versatility. I wear mine year-round and the cushioned insole makes them comfy for all-day wear.”

5. The Chukka Boot

This ankle-height boot combines desert boot styling with Gatsby’s signature sleek lines. It’s a modern take on a timeless silhouette.

  • Key Features: Premium suede, minimal stitching, lace-up front, slim profile
  • Style Tip: Pair with casual tailoring for an effortless look

“Gatsby’s chukka boot in sand suede is my new favorite weekend style. It dresses up jeans and t-shirts but feels so easy-going.”

With their balance of sophisticated style and modern comfort, these top styles demonstrate why Gatsby is a go-to brand for today’s shoe lover. Discover your new favorites!

Where to Buy Gatsby Shoes

Gatsby shoes are sold directly through the company’s Official Website. Here are some important notes about buying from Gatsby:

  • Website offers full product line
  • International shipping to over 50 countries
  • Orders over $149 receive free shipping
  • 30-day returns with free returns label
  • Excellent customer service via email
  • Regular sales and promotions offered

The Gatsby website provides the best selection and prices. You can browse all shoe styles, read customer reviews, and take advantage of free shipping offers.

Gatsby also sells through some select online retailers like Zappos and Nordstrom. However, the product selection is smaller than the company website.

Now that we’ve covered where to buy, let’s summarize the pros and cons of Gatsby shoes.

To be continued…

The next sections will dive into an overview of the pros and cons of Gatsby shoes, recommendations for different lifestyles, and final thoughts on this increasingly popular shoe brand. Stay tuned for the full analysis!

Pros and Cons of Gatsby Shoes

Based on our analysis so far, here is a summary of the key pros and cons of Gatsby footwear:


  • Quality leather and suede materials
  • Classic silhouettes with modern styling
  • Generous fit suitable for many foot shapes
  • Cushioned insoles and flexible soles
  • Minimal break-in time required
  • Excellent value for the quality
  • Free shipping on orders over $149


  • Limited width sizing (no wide options)
  • Expensive international shipping fees
  • Smaller size range compared to some brands
  • Limited styles more suited for casual wear
  • Rarely discounted outside of sales

While Gatsby scores highly overall for quality and comfort, there are some downsides to consider related to sizing, style selection, and ordering logistics.

Now let’s see how Gatsby shoes might fit into different lifestyles and needs.

Gatsby Shoes for Different Lifestyles

With their balance of style and comfort, Gatsby shoes can work well for all sorts of lifestyles. Here are some recommendations:

Office Professionals

  • Loafers, oxfords, and monks for polished business attire
  • Neutral colors suit most work dress codes
  • Cushioned insoles for spending all day on your feet

Business Casual Dressers

  • Leather sneakers paired with chinos and blazers
  • Suedes add texture to casual Friday outfits
  • Low-top styles easily slip on and off

City Commuters

  • Slip-resistant rubber soles tackle public transit
  • Padded collars prevent blisters and rubbing
  • Lightweight styles ideal for walking about town


  • Packable slip-on and lace-up designs
  • Quality leather is durable for rugged use
  • Easy to get through airport security

Gatsby shoes work well for various lifestyles thanks to their versatility. Their classic styling lets you effortlessly transition from workdays to weekends.

In Summary

After a comprehensive exploration of the Gatsby shoe brand, it’s clear they provide an excellent combination of style, quality, and comfort.

Key highlights include:

  • Premium leather materials that mold to feet over time
  • Generous sizing and fits for many foot shapes
  • Classic silhouettes modernized with updated colors/textures
  • Cushioned insoles and flexible soles for all-day wear
  • Minimal break-in time required
  • Ideal for office, business casual, travel and commuting
  • Direct ordering through company website provides best value

While Gatsby has some limitations around width sizing and style selection, their focus on high-quality craftsmanship shines through across their line of men’s and women’s shoes.


Gatsby footwear stands apart in a crowded shoe market by delivering timeless designs optimized for modern comfort. Their thoughtful construction techniques and premium leathers result in shoes made to last through everyday adventures, workdays, travels, and beyond.

If you value versatile style, plush comfort, and quality materials, Gatsby is absolutely a brand to consider for your next shoe purchase. Just take the time to browse their selections and read sizing guides to find your perfect fit.

Gatsby shoes will quickly become favorites in your closet, seamlessly taking you from professional settings to laidback weekends with sophisticated style and peace of mind. Make them your go-to for effortless, comfortable fashion.

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Who owns Gatsby shoes?

Gatsby shoes are owned by a company called Carvalho, Lda which is based in Portugal. Carvalho is a family-owned company that was founded in 2017 by a team with over 30 years of experience in the footwear industry. The goal was to create a shoe brand focused on classic craftsmanship and modern comfort.

The Gatsby brand is their most successful label that embodies their design ethos. While young, Carvalho has established itself as a respected maker of premium leather shoes.

Who sells Gatsby shoes?

Gatsby shoes are primarily sold directly through the company’s website GatsbyShoes. This gives customers access to the full product range and exclusive access to promotions and sales. The brand is protective of its image and pricing power, so it does not distribute its shoes widely offline.

However, Gatsby shoes can be found on some select online retailers including Zappos, Nordstrom, and Mr. Porter. But the product selection is much smaller than buying directly from Gatsby. The company website will always have the largest array of styles and fastest access to new collections. By focusing online, Gatsby is able to offer high-quality shoes at an attractive value.

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