Brooks vs New Balance for Walking Shoes: The Definitive Guide to Walking Shoes 2023

Uncover the ultimate comparison between Brooks vs New Balance for Walking Shoes. Find out which brand reigns supreme in comfort, support, and performance!

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of walking shoes, two popular brands often come to mind: Brooks and New Balance. Both brands have a strong reputation in the footwear industry and offer a wide range of options for walkers. In this article, we will compare Brooks and New Balance, examining their key features, technologies, and overall performance. Whether you are a casual walker or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, read on to find out which brand might be the best fit for you.

Comparison of Brooks vs New Balance for walking shoes

Feature Brooks New Balance
Cushioning Soft and responsive Soft and plush
Support Moderate Moderate to high
Stability Good Excellent
Durability Good Excellent
Widths available Standard and wide Standard, wide, and extra wide
Prices $100-$250 $100 – $200
Overall A good choice for walkers who want a comfortable and cushioned shoe. A good choice for walkers who want a comfortable and supportive shoe with excellent stability.

Key Differences

  • Brooks shoes tend to be more cushioned than New Balance shoes.
  • New Balance shoes tend to be more supportive than Brooks shoes.
  • Brooks shoes have a narrower fit than New Balance shoes.
  • New Balance shoes offer a wider range of widths than Brooks shoes.

Which Brand is Right for You?

The best brand for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. If you are looking for a comfortable and cushioned shoe, Brooks is a good option. If you are looking for a supportive and stable shoe, New Balance is a good option. If you have wide feet, New Balance is the better choice.

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Here are some additional factors to consider when choosing between Brooks and New Balance walking shoes:

  • Your foot type: If you have high arches, Brooks shoes may be a better fit for you. If you have flat feet, New Balance shoes may be a better fit for you.
  • Your activity level: If you are a casual walker, either brand will be a good choice. If you are an avid walker or runner, you may want to consider a more supportive shoe, such as a New Balance shoe.
  • Your budget: Brooks shoes tend to be more expensive than New Balance shoes.

Brooks Walking Shoes

Brooks is renowned for its commitment to producing high-quality athletic footwear, including a variety of walking shoes designed to provide optimal comfort and support. Their walking shoe collection offers a range of models suitable for different walking styles and foot types. Brooks incorporates innovative technologies into their shoes to enhance performance and minimize discomfort during walks.

New Balance Walking Shoes

New Balance, another well-established brand, has been catering to the needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts for decades. They offer a diverse selection of walking shoes with features designed to support the foot’s natural movement and provide stability. New Balance shoes are known for their durability and the use of advanced cushioning technologies to ensure maximum comfort.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort and fit are crucial factors to consider when choosing walking shoes. Both Brooks and New Balance strive to deliver exceptional comfort through their designs. Brooks focuses on creating a snug and supportive fit, while New Balance emphasizes a balance between cushioning and stability. It’s recommended to try on shoes from both brands to determine which offers a better fit for your specific foot shape and walking style.

Support and Cushioning

Walking shoes should provide adequate support and cushioning to protect your feet and joints. Brooks incorporates technologies such as the DNA Loft and BioMoGo DNA cushioning systems to deliver responsive cushioning and shock absorption. New Balance utilizes their Fresh Foam and ABZORB technologies to offer cushioning that adapts to your stride and reduces impact.


Durability is an essential aspect to consider, especially if you walk regularly or for extended periods. Both Brooks and New Balance are known for producing durable walking shoes. Brooks uses high-quality materials and construction techniques to enhance the longevity of their shoes. New Balance incorporates durable outsoles and reinforcements in key areas to ensure their shoes withstand the demands of walking.

Style and Design

While functionality is crucial, many walkers also want their shoes to look stylish. Brooks and New Balance offer a variety of designs to suit different preferences. Brooks shoes are often recognized for their sleek and athletic appearance, appealing to those who prefer a modern look. New Balance shoes combine style with practicality, featuring a range of classic and contemporary designs.

Price Range

Price is an important consideration for many consumers. Brooks and New Balance offer walking shoes at various price points to accommodate different budgets. Brooks shoes are generally considered higher-end and may come with a slightly higher price tag. New Balance provides options that cater to a wider range of budgets, including more affordable models without compromising quality.

User Reviews and Feedback

When evaluating brands, it’s helpful to consider the experiences of other users. Both Brooks and New Balance have garnered positive reviews from walkers worldwide. Reading customer reviews can provide insights into the comfort, durability, and overall satisfaction of each brand’s walking shoes. It’s always beneficial to consider multiple reviews to get a well-rounded perspective.

Performance Comparison

In terms of performance, both Brooks and New Balance excel in delivering walking shoes that meet the needs of walkers. However, the ideal choice depends on individual preferences and foot characteristics. Brooks shoes are often praised for their plush cushioning and responsiveness, making them a great choice for walkers seeking a soft and comfortable feel. On the other hand, New Balance shoes are lauded for their stability and support, making them suitable for walkers who require additional arch support or pronation control.

Brooks vs New Balance: Pros and Cons

Brooks Pros:

  • Superior cushioning for enhanced comfort
  • Excellent responsiveness for a smooth walking experience
  • Wide range of models for various walking styles and foot types

Brooks Cons:

  • Slightly higher price range compared to some other brands
  • Limited colour options in certain models

New Balance Pros:

  • Great stability and support for walkers with specific needs
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Affordable options are available without compromising quality

New Balance Cons:

  • Cushioning may feel firmer compared to Brooks shoes
  • Some models may have a bulkier design


In the battle of Brooks vs New Balance for walking shoes, both brands have proven their worth in the market. It ultimately boils down to your personal preferences, foot characteristics, and walking style. If you prioritize plush cushioning and comfort, Brooks may be the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you require stability and support, New Balance could be the better option. Remember to try on shoes from both brands to determine which brand’s fit and feel suits you best.


Which brand is better for walkers: Brooks or New Balance?

Both Brooks and New Balance offer excellent walking shoes. The choice depends on individual preferences and specific foot characteristics.

Are Brooks walking shoes suitable for long-distance walking?

Yes, Brooks walking shoes are designed to provide comfort and support during long-distance walks. Their cushioning systems help reduce fatigue and impact.

Do New Balance shoes provide good arch support?

Yes, New Balance walking shoes are known for their arch support. They offer models with varying levels of arch support to accommodate different needs.

Can I use Brooks or New Balance walking shoes for running?

While both brands primarily focus on walking shoes, some models may be suitable for light running. It’s recommended to check the specifications of the specific shoe model for running compatibility.

How do I choose the right size for Brooks or New Balance walking shoes?

It’s advisable to refer to the respective brand’s size chart and follow their sizing guidelines. Additionally, trying on shoes in person and seeking assistance from a knowledgeable salesperson can help ensure the right fit.

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