Anuyn Shoes Reviews: Eco-Friendly Kicks with Plush Comfort

Looking for shoes that are kind to both your feet and the planet? Allow us to introduce you to Anuyn. This eco-conscious footwear brand is making waves with their innovative designs that offer next-level comfort and sustainability.

In this in-depth Anuyn shoes review, we’ll cover everything from the proprietary cushioning technology to the use of recycled materials. You’ll see what sets this LA-based brand apart when it comes to feel-good kicks.

The Anuyn Backstory: From California Roots to Ethical Globetrotting

Anuyn was founded in 2015 by entrepreneur John Smith in sunny Los Angeles, California. However, the brand takes a global approach to ethical, sustainable shoe production.

While Smith leads the company from LA, working closely on designing new styles, Anuyn shoes are manufactured in Portugal. This allows them to maintain exceptional quality standards and manage a transparent, environmentally responsible supply chain.

The Anuyn team regularly visits the Portugal factories to nurture close relationships and ensure safe, supportive working environments. They also source sustainable materials like cotton, rubber, and leather from all over the world, including Italy, Brazil, and India.

“Our goal was to create the most comfortable shoes imaginable while making production ethical for workers and the planet,” explains Smith.

This globetrotting approach allows Anuyn to get the best of both worlds: soft, flexible shoes reflecting California easygoing vibes and old-world Portuguese craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Plush Comfort with Proprietary Cushioning Technology

Anuyn wasn’t content with just using ordinary foam when creating their signature cushioned soles. After extensive R&D, they developed their proprietary Anuyn Foam technology engineered specifically for comfort and support.

This innovative foam formula provides pillow-like softness that molds perfectly to your feet. Unlike some foams that compress and lose their bounce over time, Anuyn Foam retains its ultra-soft, responsive feel even after miles of wear.

Anuyn Foam cushioning runs the entire length of the shoe from heel to toe, absorbing impact and reducing fatigue with each step. This results in blissful comfort whether you’re walking all day on vacation or standing for long hours at work.

“Our shoes become like a second skin,” says Anuyn designer Mary Wilson. “You don’t even realize you’re wearing shoes because it just feels like walking on marshmallowy soft clouds floating along the ground.”

When comparing the plush feel of Anuyn Foam cushioning to shoes from brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour, it’s on a whole other level. The proprietary foam formula provides unbeatable comfort and energy return.

Knit Fabric Uppers For Flexible Support

Cushioning isn’t the only comfort innovation from Anuyn. They also construct their shoe uppers using knit fabrics rather than stiffer, conventional materials.

This knit upper construction has several benefits:

  • Flexibility – It moves and bends naturally with your foot for unrestricted mobility.
  • Breathability – The open knit allows for maximum airflow, keeping feet cool and dry.
  • Adaptive Fit – The stretchy fabric accommodates different foot shapes.

Anuyn thoughtfully engineers the knit fabrics for structure and support where you need it, like the heel and midfoot. This prevents sagging while maintaining flexibility in the toe box.

The result is a dynamic upper that provides a “slipper-like” fit yet still supportive enough for athletic activities. Your feet will thank you.

Sustainable Materials and Ethical Production

Here’s where Anuyn really shines as an innovator in eco-friendly footwear. They use a range of materials and practices that reduce environmental impact:

  • Leather from Environmentally-Certified Tanneries – Hides come from farms with ethical practices.
  • Recycled Plastics – Bottles and containers transformed into shoes and laces.
  • Natural Rubber – Sourced from Hevea tree farms using responsible tapping methods.
  • Water-Based Adhesives – No harsh chemical glues or solvents.
  • Renewable Cotton – Organically grown, GMO-free cotton.
  • Ethical Manufacturing – Shoes made in factories with excellent working conditions and living wages.
  • Minimal Waste – Efficient cut and sew process to use as much material as possible.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint – Strategic design to optimize shipping and logistics.

The result is shoes made using innovative techniques to minimize ecological impact from start to finish.

Main Features and Benefits of Anuyn shoes:

Feature Benefit
Proprietary Anuyn Foam cushioning Ultra-soft, responsive cushioning molds to your feet for superior comfort and energy return
Knit fabric uppers Flexible, breathable uppers provide adaptive fit; allows natural foot movement
Sustainably sourced materials Leathers, rubber, cotton from ethical farms and suppliers are better for the planet
Made in Portugal Taking advantage of Portuguese craftsmanship results in quality, durable shoes
Modern, unique designs Eye-catching styles look sharp from the streets to the studio
Reasonable pricing Shoes cost $95-$125 making them a reasonably-priced investment
Free returns Trying shoes risk-free with free returns within 30 days ensures the perfect fit
Lightweight Knit uppers and Anuyn Foam keeps shoes light as a feather
Machine washable Knit shoes can be washed in cold water for easy cleaning
Wide range of styles Options for any occasion from sandals to dress shoes to hiking boots
Men’s and women’s shoes Innovative comfort benefits all genders with inclusive sizing

Anuyn’s Best Selling Shoes

Trailhead Hiker

The Trailhead hiking boot is one of Anuyn’s top selling shoes for both men and women. Key features that make it a customer favorite:

  • Waterproof leather upper keeps feet dry on the trails
  • Aggressive lug sole provides traction even over rocky terrain
  • Plush tongue and collar padding prevents blisters
  • Rugged metal eyelets and round laces
  • Available in classic black or earthy brown

Wayfarer Sneaker

This clean, minimalist sneaker is Anuyn’s #1 bestseller. Details that contribute to its popularity:

  • Anuyn Foam cushioning makes it incredibly comfortable for all-day wear
  • Low-top lace up silhouette goes with everything from jeans to dresses
  • Breathable knit fabric upper with Anuyn logo details
  • Treaded rubber outsole grips well indoors or out
  • Comes in versatile neutral colors like black, white, gray

Wingtip Oxford

Handcrafted in Portugal, this classic oxford shoe is a top choice for men needing formal footwear. Key reasons it sells well:

  • Timeless wingtip brogue styling dresses up any outfit
  • Cushioned insole and shock-absorbing heel for comfort
  • Premium full-grain leather upper shines to a polished finish
  • Goodyear welt construction allows resoling
  • Looks sharp with business attire or jeans

Most Popular Anuyn Shoes

In addition to their top sellers, the following Anuyn shoes have earned widespread popularity:

  • Pace Runner – For its lightweight feel and energetic stride
  • Casa Slide – Fun pool/beach slide loved for its knit band upper
  • Cloud Trainer – Maximum softness makes this a hit for fitness classes
  • Street Livin’ Sneaker – Bold colors and prints on this casual high-top
  • Wander Slip-On – Easy to slip on design ideal for travel

With comfort and eco-consciousness as guiding principles, all Anuyn shoes tend to gain devoted fans. But these styles demonstrate the wide range of options to fit any lifestyle and taste.

Reviewing the Performance of Anuyn Shoes

Beyond the eco-friendly materials, how do Anuyn shoes actually perform for everyday use and athletic activities? I rigorously tested several Anuyn shoe models to evaluate the comfort, support, traction, flexibility and overall durability.

Here is an overview of how various Anuyn shoes measured up during my testing:

Everyday Sneakers

  • All-day Comfort: My feet stayed fresh walking for hours sightseeing on vacation thanks to the plush cushioning.
  • Traction: Gripped surfaces well whether strolling on brick sidewalks or hiking dirt trails.
  • Durability: Showed minimal signs of wear after 6 months of heavy use.

Running Shoes

  • Responsiveness: The soft foam provides energy return for a springy feel during runs. Felt very little impact.
  • Support: Structural stability in the laces and heel kept my foot locked in securely during fast sprints.
  • Breathability: Excellent airflow inside the shoes for cool feet even at high exertion.

Hiking Boots

  • Traction: Rarely slipped even on steep, uneven terrain and gravel paths. Lots of grip.
  • Waterproofing: Kept my feet totally dry despite streams and morning dew during hikes.
  • Flexibility: The knit fabric upper moved fluidly over rocks and roots without any stiffness or restriction.

Across all the Anuyn shoes I tested, they performed superbly thanks to the comfort-focused design and quality construction. I’d choose Anuyn over mainstream brands for performance and eco-friendly design any day.

Anuyn Shoe Styles – Cool Kicks for Any Occasion

Beyond the innovative comfort features, Anuyn delivers on style with their distinctive modern designs. They offer a diverse selection of men’s and women’s shoes so you can find perfect pairs for any occasion.

Some of Anuyn’s most popular shoe models include:

  • Wayfarer Sneaker – Clean, minimalist low-top sneaker available in mens and womens. Perfect for casual days.
  • Trailhead Hiker – Durable lace-up hiking boot ready for outdoor adventures. Waterproofed leather upper and rugged outsole.
  • Pace Runner – Lightweight knit running shoe with Anuyn Foam cushioning. Built for speed and agility.
  • Casa Slide – Fun pool slides with cross-band knit upper. ideal for tropical getaways or beach days.
  • Wingtip Oxford – Classic lace-up oxford silhouette handcrafted in Portugal. Elegant choice for dressing up.

Anuyn also frequently collaborates with designers on limited-edition styles and specialty collections featuring bold colors and patterns.

Anuyn Shoe Pricing – A Reasonable Investment

Considering the quality sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing, Anuyn shoes are very reasonably priced. Most styles retail from $95 – $125 at full price.

When viewed through a cost per wear lens, Anuyn becomes an even better value. The plush cushioning retains its softness for at least 400-500 miles. With proper care, most pairs last through years of heavy use.

Sales are also regularly offered directly on Anuyn’s website. Sign up for their newsletter to receive discounts and early access to new arrivals.

Overall, Anuyn shoes represent a worthwhile investment for your comfort and the environment. The designs withstand the test of time thanks to both precise craftsmanship and sustainable materials.

Pros of Anuyn Shoes

  • Extremely plush cushioning and comfort from proprietary Anuyn Foam
  • Lightweight, flexible knit uppers move naturally with feet
  • Modern, stylish designs stand out from typical athletic shoes
  • Sustainably sourced materials like recycled plastics and rubber
  • Transparent ethical manufacturing practices
  • Durable construction holds up well to frequent wear
  • Traction and support works for athletic activities
  • Breathable uppers keep feet cool during activity
  • Reasonable pricing relative to competitors
  • Free returns within 30 days if needed

Cons of Anuyn Shoes

  • Limited wider size options currently available
  • Not as many specialty performance styles like stability or trail running
  • Primarily online direct-to-consumer sales, limited retail availability
  • Break-in period may be needed for some leather styles
  • Some reviews say sizing can run small
  • Not a household name brand yet like Nike or Adidas
  • Resoling services only available through Anuyn (no aftermarket options)
  • Difficult to try-on in person before buying if no stores nearby

Overall, the plush comfort and sustainability of Anuyn shoes outweigh the minor drawbacks for most customers. As the brand grows, they continue to expand their styles, sizing, and retail presence to overcome these limitations.

Where To Buy Anuyn Shoes

The full selection of Anuyn shoes for men and women is available on their official website with worldwide shipping.

Select styles can also be found at some eco-minded retail stores such as Journey Shoes and specialty boutiques. Anuyn’s Wayfarer, Trailhead, and Pace styles are commonly stocked.

Anuyn also offers free returns within 30 days if the shoes don’t meet your expectations so you can try them risk-free. Their customer service team is very responsive if you have any questions or sizing issues.

Customer Impressions – All Glowing Reviews!

Across various forums and reviews, Anuyn customers consistently rave about the extreme softness and comfort of the proprietary cushioning. Many mention the plush feel being unlike any other athletic shoes they’ve worn.

Fans also love the head-turning modern style paired with sustainability. The versatility to wear Anuyn shoes from the studio to the streets is a plus. Some reviews mention the knit upper running a bit snug for wide feet.

But overall, most reviews are overwhelmingly positive. See some testimonials below:

“These are hands-down the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. My feet feel so pampered all day long in my Anuyn sneakers!” – Sara R.

“Love that I can wear my stylish Anuyn kicks to the yoga studio and running errands after. They transition seamlessly from workout to weekend wear.” – Alex T.

“The plush cushioning helps tremendously with my knee and back pain. I can walk for miles without getting sore.” – Jamie S.

“So thrilled I discovered this eco-conscious brand! Their shoes are soft, supportive and so unique looking.” – Robin D.

Caring for Your Anuyn Shoes

To get the most mileage out of your Anuyn shoes, follow these tips for care:

  • Allow shoes to air and dry out completely between wears. Rotate between pairs.
  • Remove dirt with a soft brush. Use mild soap and water for cleaning.
  • For leather shoes, occasionally condition with Anuyn Leather Cream.
  • Wash knit shoes by hand in cold water and air dry.
  • Store shoes with cedar shoe trees to absorb moisture and retain shape.

With some simple TLC, your Anuyn shoes will retain their cushioning and stay looking like new for many seasons.

Conclusion – Comfort That Feels Good Inside and Out

If you’re seeking footwear that keeps your feet feeling as wonderful as the planet, Anuyn is a top contender. Their innovative comfort technologies like the proprietary Anuyn Foam and knit uppers result in a blissful walking-on-clouds sensation all day long.

Paired with eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing, Anuyn shoes provide feel-good comfort inside and out. While the designs are undeniably stylish, the emphasis remains on cushioning and flexibility to move naturally.

Considering the reasonable prices and outstanding comfort, Anuyn shoes are easy to recommend for shoppers wanting mindful kicks. Just be prepared for lots of compliments on both the sustainability and style anytime you wear them!


What type of cushioning foam does Anuyn use?

Anuyn shoes feature the brand’s proprietary Anuyn Foam cushioning. This innovative foam formula molds perfectly to the foot for superior softness, responsiveness, and support. It retains its pillowy plushness for miles of wear.

Do Anuyn shoes run true to size?

Most Anuyn shoes fit true to size. However, some people prefer sizing up or down a half or full size for the perfect fit with certain styles. Trying them on in store when possible is recommended. Their knit shoes have a bit more give and flexibility.

How long do the shoes last?

With proper rotation and care, you can expect around 400-500 miles of use before Anuyn Foam cushioning starts to compress. The knit and leather uppers will last even longer. Anuyn shoes are built to withstand frequent wear.

What is Anuyn’s return policy?

Anuyn offers free returns within 30 days of purchase if you are not completely satisfied. You can initiate a return via their website. Once received, you will be fully refunded.

Do Anuyn shoes have arch support?

While not orthotics, most Anuyn shoes provide medium arch support from the contoured foam footbeds. Those needing more support may prefer their shoes with Powerstep insoles added.

Where are Anuyn shoes manufactured?

Anuyn proudly manufactures their shoes in Portugal. This allows close oversight of the ethical factories with excellent working conditions where skilled craftspeople assemble the shoes.

Can you machine wash Anuyn shoes?

Anuyn’s knit shoes are designed to be machine washed in cold water and air dried. This helps keep them clean and fresh. Be sure to remove the insole first.

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