What Shoes to Wear with a Burgundy Velvet Dress: The Ultimate Guide

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The burgundy velvet dress is not just a fashion statement, it’s a declaration of elegance and class. With its luxurious texture and deep, rich color, it commands attention in any setting. But to truly unlock the potential of this magnificent garment, the perfect pair of shoes is essential. This guide will walk you through the best shoe choices that will not only match but enhance the splendor of your burgundy velvet dress.

When it comes to pairing shoes with a burgundy velvet dress, the choice largely depends on current fashion trends, the occasion, personal style, and the specific shade of the dress. Burgundy as a color in fashion has been versatile and perennially popular, especially in fall and winter collections.

Burgundy Velvet Dress
Burgundy Velvet Dress

Velvet as a fabric is typically associated with colder seasons due to its heavy texture and warm appearance. You might find that during these seasons, designers and fashion influencers opt for shoes in materials like suede or with embellishments that complement the opulent texture of velvet.

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Here are some general considerations that might apply:

  1. General Trends: Currently, fashion trends lean towards bold statements even in classic pairings. While black shoes remain a popular and timeless choice, we see an increase in popularity for metallic hues, especially in women’s fashion, offering a vibrant contrast to the rich velvet textures.

  2. Seasonal Variations: In colder months, velvet dresses are often paired with boots or closed-toe heels. In contrast, warmer seasons might see strappy sandals or open-toe pumps as preferred choices.

  3. Event Appropriateness: For formal events, high-heeled pumps or stilettos in neutral or contrasting shades (like black or metallic) are common. Casual settings might call for more comfortable options such as ballet flats or even stylish sneakers.

  4. Color Preferences: Neutral shades like nude or beige can elongate the leg and provide a subtle complement to the bold burgundy color. Bold color choices like navy or dark green can offer an eclectic mix but should be approached with a cohesive vision for the overall outfit.

  5. Fashion Influencer Choices: Numerous fashion blogs and influencers might showcase their own pairings, often turning to gold, silver, or even animal prints as adventurous counterparts to a burgundy dress.

  6. Retail Statistics: While direct sales statistics related to shoe color choices for burgundy dresses are not publicized, anecdotally, retailers often report higher sales for versatile shoe colors such as black, nude, and, more recently, metallic shades that can work with a variety of dress colors, including burgundy.

The Importance of Pairing the Perfect Shoes

Every Occasion with a Burgundy Velvet Dress
Every Occasion with a Burgundy Velvet Dress

Role of Shoes in Fashion

The role of shoes extends far beyond mere functionality. They can set the tone for your outfit, express personality, and even impact posture and confidence. The right pair transforms your attire, anchoring your look with intention.

Impact on Overall Aesthetics

Your choice of footwear has the power to dictate the dress’s impact. A well-chosen pair complements the dress, bringing harmony to your look, whether it’s injecting a pop of panache with a contrasting color or enhancing elegance with classic styles.

Factors to Consider

When selecting shoes for your burgundy velvet dress, the decision should be deliberate and thoughtful, factoring in various aspects:


From stiletto heels to embellished flats, the occasion dictates the appropriate shoe style. High heels might be suitable for a wedding, whereas refined flats or block heels might be better for a long day at the office.


Shoes to Wear with a Burgundy Velvet Dress
Shoes to Wear with a Burgundy Velvet Dress

Considering the season means staying stylish and comfortable. Velvet pairs wonderfully with the richer textures and heavier footwear of colder months, such as suede boots, but in warmer weather, strappy heels or open-toed pumps might be more suitable.


Comfort is paramount, as it directly influences your demeanor. Always select a shoe that you can wear confidently and comfortably for the duration of your event.

Summary of Recommended Shoe Styles

Here is a table outlining some of the best shoe styles to pair with a burgundy velvet dress:

Shoe Color Style Best For Notes
Black Stilettos Formal Events Black is versatile and enhances the dress’s elegance.
Black Ankle Boots Casual Outings Adds an edgy contrast while keeping the look grounded.
White Strappy Heels Fashion Statements Provides a daring contrast; best for standout moments.
Nude/Neutral Pumps Elongating the Legs Blends with skin tones for a seamless, elongating effect.
Nude/Neutral Ballet Flats Casual Comfort Keeps the look light and grounded, perfect for day events.
Metallic (Gold/Silver) Heeled Sandals Evening Events/Parties Adds a touch of glamour and shines, complementing velvet.
Metallic (Gold/Silver) Flats Casual Glam Offers a spark without the formality of heels.
Bold Colors (Teal, Turquoise) Pumps Statement Outfits Choose a solid, bold color for a playful and chic contrast.
Tan/Brown Block Heels Daytime Events A harmonious and warm option that complements burgundy well.
Tan/Brown Loafers Work Attire Offers a stylish yet professional look.
Gold Strappy Heels Festive Occasions Elevates the dress for a luxurious, celebratory feel.
Gold Ballet Flats Subtle Luxe For a toned-down but still festive look.
Silver Glitter Pumps Night Events Provides a cool-toned sparkle that contrasts with the warmth of burgundy.
Silver Loafers Modern Professional For a professional setting with a touch of modernity.

Best Shoe Colors for Burgundy Velvet Dresses

Best Shoes to Wear with a Burgundy Velvet Dress
Best Shoes to Wear with a Burgundy Velvet Dress

Black Shoes


Black shoes are a unanimous choice for their versatile nature. They ground the look and can be paired with burgundy for a foolproof, classic ensemble.

Style Options

Several styles shine when paired with burgundy velvet. For a formal look, patent leather pumps create a sleek contrast. For a playful note, black ankle boots or ballet flats serve comfort with style.

White Shoes

The Bold Statement

White can serve as a fresh, avant-garde counterpoint to burgundy. It’s a statement pairing and works best when the look calls for a dash of drama.


Pairing white with burgundy requires a balance to avoid overpowering the dress. Choose simpler shoe styles to maintain an elegant air.

Nude and Neutral Tones

Elegance of Neutrals

Neutral tones can elongate the legs and bring a toned-down elegance that doesn’t compete with the velvet’s richness.

Shade Selection

The aim is coherence – finding a nude that complements your skin tone and the undertones of the burgundy will create an understated yet polished finish.

Metallic Shades

Glamour Addition

Metallic shoes can add a festive touch. Choose between the subdued glow of bronze and the bright sparkle of silver or gold depending on your dress’s hue and the event.

Balancing Act

Metallics must be balanced carefully. The key is in the finish – a subtle sheen can enhance, but too much shine might overshadow the velvet’s plush texture.

Bold Colors

Adventurous Tones

A bold color like a deep emerald or navy can add a touch of modernity and unexpected flair.

Harmonizing Boldness

It’s vital to keep the dress in mind; the shoes should accentuate, not detract. Stick with solid colors and minimal embellishments for a tasteful ensemble.

Shoe Style According to Occasion

Your shoe style sets the scene for how your burgundy velvet dress is perceived:

Casual Looks

Sneakers or Flats?

Modern fashion rules allow velvet to be dressed down with sneakers for a street-chic look, or sweet ballet flats for daytime engagements.

Formal Settings

Elevating with Heels

Heels elevate your stature and the dress’s formality. Select styles that speak to the event’s tone – slender pumps for sleek sophistication or ornate heels for grandeur.

Workplace Chic

Tailored and Tasteful

In corporate settings, understated elegance is key. Low-heeled pumps or smart loafers can keep the look business-appropriate yet stylish.

Party Picks

Statement Makers

For parties, the shoes can be bolder – think strappy sandals, glittering embellishments, or even over-the-top heels that spark conversations.

Accessorizing Your Dress

The right accessories will make your burgundy velvet dress and chosen footwear sing in unison:


Selecting jewelry that complements the shoe’s design and metal details creates a curated appearance that is pleasing to the eye.


Your bag doesn’t have to match your shoes, but it should harmonize with your overall look. Consider color, material, and hardware.


Your choice of outerwear can transform your outfit’s vibe – a leather jacket for edge, a tailored blazer for sophistication, or a wool coat for classic warmth.

Care and Maintenance Tips

Velvet’s beauty is matched by its fragility:

Cleaning Techniques

Adhere to the care label. Often, velvet requires professional cleaning, but some pieces may be hand-washed with the proper technique.

Storage Solutions

Velvet should be stored properly to avoid crushing the pile. Velvet dresses should be hung on padded hangers and may benefit from breathable garment bags.

Shoe Matching

Is there an all-encompassing rule for the shade of your shoes with a burgundy dress? Not quite. Consider the event, complement the dress’s shade, and wear what makes you feel fabulous.

Body Types

Shoe style can influence the perception of one’s height and figure. Certain heels can elongate the leg, whereas ankle straps may shorten the appearance.


Choosing the right shoe for a burgundy velvet dress is about blending practical considerations with your own personal style flair. With the right pair, your ensemble can strike the ideal balance between comfort and high fashion, leaving you free to enjoy the plush decadence of velvet with every step.

Call to Action

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Your insightful choices and unique combinations can inspire and inform, so don’t hesitate to contribute your style stories and experiences. With these guidelines in mind, you’re now equipped to step out in exemplary fashion with your lavish burgundy velvet dress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color shoes are best to wear with a burgundy velvet dress for an evening event?

Answer: For an evening event, black is a foolproof choice – it’s sophisticated and coordinates well with burgundy. Metallic tones like gold or silver can add some sparkle and are particularly striking for more formal events.

Can I wear tights with my burgundy velvet dress when it’s cold?

Answer: Absolutely, tights can be a stylish and warm addition. Opt for opaque black tights for a sleek look, or consider a textured or patterned pair to add some interest. Ensure the tights complement, rather than clash with the dress.

What accessories work best with a burgundy velvet dress?

Answer: Since burgundy is a rich color and velvet is a textured fabric, it’s best to go easy on accessories. A simple gold or silver chain, a pair of elegant earrings, or a sleek clutch can add a touch of class without overwhelming the look.

Is it appropriate to wear a burgundy velvet dress to a wedding?

Answer: A burgundy velvet dress can be very appropriate for a wedding, especially in cooler months. The key is to accessorize it accordingly – choose elegant shoes and refined jewelry, and make sure the dress code and time of day align with the dress’s formality.

How do I maintain the velvet fabric of my burgundy dress to keep it looking good?

Answer: Velvet should be cared for with attention to avoid crushing and preserving its pile. Always hang your velvet garments on padded hangers and avoid folding them. Spot cleaning or dry cleaning is recommended over washing, and when necessary, use a steamer to remove wrinkles rather than an iron.

Can I wear a leather jacket with a burgundy velvet dress?

Answer: Pairing a leather jacket with a burgundy velvet dress can add an edgy contrast to the dress’s elegance. For a coherent look, choose a fitted jacket that complements the dress’s silhouette and ensure the colors work well together.

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