Vessi Shoes Reviews: The Revolutionary Waterproof Footwear Taking Strides in Comfort and Style

Explore our Vessi Shoes Reviews to discover how these waterproof, stylish, and comfortable sneakers stand up to daily wear and variable weather.

When it comes to conquering the elements, whether it’s a spontaneous downpour or a planned adventure through wet terrain, we’re all in search of that perfect pair of shoes that promises to keep our feet dry without compromising on style or comfort. Enter Vessi shoes, a brand that has been gaining traction for its innovative waterproof footwear. In this comprehensive Vessi shoes review, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about these shoes to determine if they truly live up to the hype.

Background on Vessi

Founded on the idea that shoes should be comfortable and capable of handling unpredictable weather, Vessi set out to innovate the footwear industry with their unique waterproof technology. Let’s look at the story behind this revolutionary brand:

  • Origin story: Launched in Vancouver, a city known for its rainy weather, Vessi has quickly resonated with those looking for practical, stylish, and eco-friendly options.
  • Brand mission: Vessi is committed to providing versatile footwear, designed to keep your feet dry and happy without sacrificing our planet’s well-being.

Main Features and Benefits of Vessi shoes:

Key Features Benefits
100% Waterproof Keep your feet dry in all weather conditions.
Breathable Material Prevents foot sweat and odor for all-day comfort.
Eco-Friendly Reduces environmental footprint with sustainable manufacturing processes.
Lightweight Design Enhances comfort and reduces foot fatigue.
Versatile Style Suitable for a variety of occasions and outfits.
Vegan Materials Animal-friendly and cruelty-free.
Easy to Clean Low maintenance, easy to keep looking new.
Flexible Fit Conforms to your feet for a personalized feel.
Durable Construction Long-lasting wear despite everyday use.
Slip-Resistant Soles Improved safety on wet surfaces.
Variety of Options Available in different styles for men, women, and kids.
Free Shipping & Returns* Hassle-free online shopping experience (in select regions).

The Waterproof Innovation

What makes Vessi stand out is its flagship feature: waterproof capabilities. But how does this technology work?

  • Waterproof feature explained: Unlike traditional methods that use water-repellent coatings, Vessi shoes are made with a patented waterproof knit material called Dyma-tex, which is engineered to keep water out at the molecular level.

The Range of Vessi Shoes


Looking at Vessi’s lineup, there is something for everyone. Here are the collections they offer:

  • Men’s collection: Features a range of styles from everyday wear to sleek city gear.
  • Women’s collection: Offers a fashionable mix of comfort and chic designs suitable for any occasion.
  • Kid’s collection: Fun, colorful shoes designed to keep little feet dry and protected.

Each collection includes various models to suit different preferences and needs.

Vessi Shoes Best Selling and Most Popular Models

Vessi shoes have garnered popularity for their innovative waterproof technology combined with a stylish, comfortable design. A wide range of models caters to various preferences and lifestyles. Below, we highlight some of Vessi’s best-selling and most popular shoes that have won over the hearts of customers.

Vessi CityScape Sneakers

Women’s Cityscape Classic

Renowned for their versatility, the CityScape sneakers are a top choice for urban dwellers. With a sleek design that pairs well with any casual or semi-formal attire, they provide the perfect blend of function and fashion.

Men’s Cityscape Classic

Key highlights include:

  • Stylish urban design suitable for diverse settings.
  • All-day comfort with a cushioned insole and supportive fit.

Vessi Everyday Sneakers

Women’s Everyday Classic

As the name suggests, the Everyday sneakers are designed for all-around use, from morning jogs to evening socials. They strike an excellent balance between performance and everyday wearability.

Men’s Everyday Classic

Notable features include:

  • Lightweight and breathable, ideal for daily wear.
  • Dress up or down with their subtle, sleek aesthetic.

Vessi Weekend Shoes

Women’s Weekend

For those seeking a more laid-back style without sacrificing the waterproof benefit, the Weekend shoes make an ideal match. They’re a reliable companion for a range of leisure activities.

Men’s Weekend

Standout aspects are:

  • Casual slip-on design for ease and convenience.
  • Durable and comfortable, perfect for relaxed outings.

Vessi Everyday Move

Women’s Everyday Move

Designed to keep up with the active lifestyle of its wearer, the Everyday Move provides an upbeat design with enhanced performance features.

Men’s Everyday Move

They are particularly celebrated for:

  • Energetic design that motivates movement and activity.
  • Added support for a more responsive feel during exercise.

In reviewing the best-selling and most popular Vessi shoes, it’s clear that the brand has successfully tapped into the essentials of what makes a great shoe: versatility, style, functionality, and comfort. Each model brings something unique to the table, ensuring that there’s a Vessi shoe out there for every type of consumer.

To explore these popular models and more, you can visit the Vessi Footwear Shop and discover which pair best fits your personal needs and style.

Design and Aesthetics

Vessi shoes offer a modern, minimalist look that seamlessly fits into anyone’s wardrobe. Here’s what you can expect in terms of design:

  • Style components: With a focus on sleek lines and functional design, Vessi shoes are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Colors and patterns: The brand offers a palette of classic neutrals and occasional bursts of color to match any style preference.
  • Fashion versatility: Whether you’re going to the office, hitting the gym, or out for a casual walk, Vessi has a shoe that suits the occasion.

Comfort and Fit

An essential factor in any footwear is the level of comfort it provides. In reviewing Vessi shoes, comfort and fit are of paramount consideration:

  • Comfortable material: The Dyma-tex knit is not just waterproof, but also highly flexible, offering a comfortable fit that conforms to the foot.
  • Right size selection: Vessi’s website includes a detailed size guide to help customers find the perfect fit.
  • Customer feedback: Users often rave about the ‘walking-on-clouds’ feeling of Vessi shoes, although some mention the importance of selecting the right size for maximum comfort.

Durability and Performance

When it comes to investing in a new pair of shoes, understanding their durability and how they perform under various conditions is crucial. We’ve gathered user experiences and conducted extensive testing to provide an honest assessment.

  • Long-lasting wear: Vessi shoes are known for maintaining their waterproof qualities and comfort even after extended use.
  • Various conditions handling: Perfect for city living and light outdoor activities, these shoes have been tested in rain, snow, and even mud, proving their resilience.

Sustainability and Eco-friendliness

As consumers grow more environmentally conscious, they often look for brands that echo their values. Here’s how Vessi stands in terms of eco-friendliness:

  • Sustainability pledge: Vessi’s commitment to the environment is evident in their production processes and material choices, aiming to reduce the carbon footprint from traditional shoe manufacturing.
  • Eco-friendly materials: The brand uses less water and no animal byproducts in their shoes, setting a high bar for sustainability in footwear.

Price Point and Value

Here, we evaluate the affordability of Vessi shoes and whether they provide value for money:

  • Pricing review: Although priced higher than some traditional footwear brands, the combination of unique features and quality justify Vessi’s price point.
  • Market comparison: When compared to other waterproof footwear options, Vessi stands out for its innovative technology and design.

Customer Reviews of Vessi Shoes

Review by Sarah T. – Walking on Clouds with Vessi! Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

“I’ve never been one to write reviews, but I had to share my experience with Vessi shoes. As an avid walker, I’ve always struggled to find a shoe that can keep up with my lifestyle – especially on rainy days. These waterproof wonders have been a game-changer for me! Not only do they keep my feet completely dry, but the lightweight design and cushioning feel like I’m walking on clouds. I adore the sleek, minimalist design which means I can wear them to work and then straight to a casual night out. These shoes have become a staple in my wardrobe, and I can’t recommend them enough!”

Review by Alex R. – The Ultimate Travel Companion Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

“I bought my Vessi shoes before a month-long trip to Europe, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint! They were lightweight and easy to pack, provided great support for long days of exploring, and were absolutely waterproof – which was perfect for those unexpected downpours in London. The only reason I’m giving four stars instead of five is that they took a few wears to break in before they felt truly comfortable. But once they did, they were brilliant, and I barely wore any other shoes during my travels!”

Review by Megan L. – Say Goodbye to Soggy Socks! Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

“Living in the Pacific Northwest means dealing with a lot of wet weather, and I’ve ruined more pairs of shoes than I care to admit. Discovering Vessi shoes has been a total game-changer. Finally, I have found a shoe that keeps my feet dry through puddles and constant drizzle without sacrificing style! And the breathability means no more hot, sweaty feet after a long day. Plus, their customer service is fantastic – very attentive and helpful. Absolutely a five-star experience!”

Review by Johnathan P. – Sustainable and Stylish – But Needs More Arch Support Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3/5

“I was drawn to Vessi shoes because of their commitment to sustainability and the promise of 100% waterproof features. After trying them out, I’m impressed by their water resistance and the stylish options available. As someone who is trying to make environmentally conscious choices, it feels good to support a brand that aligns with my values. However, as someone with high arches, I find that the shoes could use more arch support. I’ve added insoles, which helps, but I would love to see future models include this feature.”

Review by Emily F. – Perfect for Every Day, Rain or Shine Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

“Vessi shoes have quickly become my go-to footwear for daily activities. Whether I’m out for a jog, running errands, or taking the dog for a walk on a rainy day, these shoes have kept me comfortable and dry. The all-weather versatility means I don’t have to think twice about what shoes to put on. They’re incredibly easy to clean, too – just a quick rinse, and they look as good as new. The comfort and functionality are unmatched – I’m definitely a Vessi convert!”

Pros of Vessi Shoes:

  • 100% Waterproof: Vessi’s claim to fame is their Dyma-tex membrane, which ensures that their shoes are entirely waterproof. You can step in puddles and walk in the rain worry-free.
  • Breathable Material: Despite being waterproof, the shoes are highly breathable, preventing sweaty feet and providing comfort throughout your day.
  • Vegan-Friendly: For those seeking an animal-friendly option, Vessi shoes are 100% vegan, using no animal products in their construction.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable: Vessi shoes pride themselves on their lightweight design, making them perfect for travel and long periods of wear.
  • Stylish Designs: Offering sleek, minimalist styles, Vessi shoes cater to a modern aesthetic that can complement a variety of outfits.
  • Easy to Clean: The material used in Vessi shoes is not only waterproof but also easy to clean, ensuring your shoes can stay looking fresh with minimal effort.
  • Versatility: Perfect for various activities, from running errands to light hiking, Vessi shoes are designed for both urban and nature environments.

Cons of Vessi Shoes:

  • Price Point: Vessi shoes are on the pricier end of the spectrum, which may not be suitable for all budgets.
  • Limited Cushioning: While lightweight, some users report that the cushioning is not as supportive as other sneakers, which may be a drawback for those with specific foot support needs.
  • Sizing Issues: Some customers have noted inconsistent sizing, which can lead to an uncomfortable fit or the hassle of exchanging for a different size.
  • Less Traction in Icy Conditions: Although perfect for wet conditions, Vessi’s soles may not provide adequate traction on icy surfaces.
  • Limited Physical Stores: With a primary online presence, trying them on before purchase isn’t often possible unless you live near one of their limited physical stores.

Vessi’s Customer Service Experience

Your experience with a brand doesn’t end at checkout. Here’s what to expect from Vessi’s after-sales service:

  • Shipping and policies: Vessi offers a transparent shipping policy with international delivery options.
  • Returns and exchanges: Customers appreciate the hassle-free return and exchange process Vessi has in place.
  • Customer support: Most customers report positive interactions with Vessi’s friendly and responsive customer service team.

Care and Maintenance

To get the most out of your Vessi shoes, proper care is key. Here are some maintenance tips:

  • Cleaning instructions: A simple rinse or gentle wipe-down is usually enough to keep your Vessi shoes looking fresh.
  • Longevity tips: Regular care, avoiding harsh chemicals, and proper storage will extend the life of your shoes.

Where to Buy Vessi Shoes

Choosing the right place to buy your Vessi shoes ensures you get a genuine product with full customer service support. Here’s how you can make your purchase:

  • Official website: The best place to buy Vessi shoes is directly from their official website, where you can access the full range of styles and sizes.
  • Retail presence: Vessi is branching out into select retail stores, but their availability is limited.
  • Verified sellers: Ensure you’re purchasing from verified sellers to avoid counterfeit products.


To wrap up our Vessi shoes reviews, it’s clear that Vessi shoes are paving the way in the footwear industry with their innovative waterproof technology, style, and commitment to sustainability. While the price point might be a bit higher than traditional options, the benefits far outweigh the cost, especially for those valuing comfort and versatility in various weather conditions.

Whether you’re darting through city puddles or taking a casual stroll along a riverside, Vessi has created a shoe that’s up for the challenge while keeping your ecological footprint in check.

Final Thoughts:

  • For the eco-conscious: Vessi shoes are a great investment, marrying eco-friendliness with cutting-edge technology.
  • Style meets substance: These shoes prove that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function.
  • A waterproof revolution: Say goodbye to wet socks and bulky rain boots – Vessi is here to change the game.

We invite you now to explore Vessi’s offerings and see how they can fit into your lifestyle. And remember, the best review comes from your own experience, so slip into a pair and take them for a test drive.

Check out Vessi’s full collection and find your perfect pair!

FAQ Section

Why is Vessi so popular?

Vessi has gained popularity rapidly due to its innovative waterproof technology combined with a fashionable and versatile design. The brand’s promise of keeping your feet dry in all weather appeals to people living in various climates who also crave comfort and style.

Do Vessi shoes get smelly?

Like all shoes, Vessi footwear can develop odor depending on the frequency of wear, the environment, and personal foot hygiene. However, regular cleaning and airing them out can minimize smell. The waterproof material also means you can wash them without worry, helping keep odors at bay.

Are Vessi shoes good for support?

Vessi shoes offer a degree of support suitable for daily wear and casual activities. However, if you require specialized arch support for specific foot conditions, you may need to add orthotic insoles.

Are Vessi shoes 100% waterproof?

Yes, Vessi shoes are 100% waterproof, thanks to their Dyma-tex knit membrane. This innovative feature ensures that water stays out without sacrificing breathability.

What country is Vessi from?

Vessi hails from Canada, having been founded in Vancouver, which is well-known for its rainy weather, inspiring the brand’s focus on waterproof footwear.

Is Vessi made in China?

Yes, according to the information provided by the brand, Vessi footwear is responsibly manufactured in China, in factories that the company has thoroughly vetted for ethical practices.

Are Vessi actually waterproof?

Absolutely, Vessi shoes are indeed waterproof. They are crafted with a patented waterproof knit material designed to keep your feet dry under wet conditions.

Can you wear Vessi in water?

Vessi shoes can be worn in water, as they are made for wet conditions. Whether you’re walking through puddles or caught in a downpour, Vessi has got you covered.

Should I wear socks with Vessi?

Wearing socks with Vessi shoes is a matter of personal preference. Socks can enhance comfort and help manage moisture from your feet, but due to the shoes’ waterproof nature, they can be worn without socks if desired.

Can I wash Vessi shoes?

Yes, Vessi shoes can be washed. The brand recommends using cold water and a gentle detergent, followed by air drying. Avoid putting them in the dryer, as high heat can damage the material.

Is Vessi snow proof?

While Vessi shoes are waterproof and can protect your feet from getting wet in the snow, they may not offer the same level of insulation and grip as specialized winter or snow boots.

Can I use Vessi for running?

Vessi shoes can be used for light jogging or running in urban environments, especially where you might encounter puddles or rain. However, they are not specifically designed as running shoes and might not provide the same level of support and cushioning as dedicated athletic footwear.

Who is the owner of Vessi?

Vessi was co-founded by Mikaella Go, Tony Yu, and Andy Wang. It’s a joint effort that has led to the brand’s success in creating comfortable and innovative waterproof shoes.

Is Vessi a Vancouver brand?

Yes, Vessi proudly started in Vancouver, British Columbia, a city whose rainy climate was a significant inspiration for their waterproof footwear.

Why do my Vessis smell so bad?

Footwear odor is often due to moisture and bacteria build-up. Even though Vessi shoes are waterproof, sweat and moisture can still accumulate inside the shoe. Regular cleaning, drying out the shoes, and using anti-odor sprays or insoles can help prevent unpleasant smells.

What are the benefits of Vessi shoes?

The benefits of Vessi shoes include their 100% waterproof feature, breathability, lightweight design, modern style, and ease of cleaning. They are also eco-friendly, as being vegan means they support sustainable and animal-friendly practices.

Are Vessi sneakers warm?

Vessi sneakers are not specifically designed for cold weather but do provide some warmth. For colder temperatures, it’s recommended to wear warmer socks or look for models lined with additional insulation.

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