Splay Shoes Review: Unbelievable Comfort or Total Flop?

Discover in our Splay Shoes Review if their affordable, wide-fit, stylish FREESTYLE™ barefoot shoes are the right choice for your everyday comfort

Welcome to our detailed and comprehensive Splay Shoes review. In the burgeoning market of barefoot shoes, it’s crucial to make informed choices that benefit both your foot health and lifestyle needs. Splay Shoes has carved out a niche for itself, promising affordability and quality. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into everything Splay Shoes offers and determine whether they are the ‘sole’ mate your feet have been searching for.

What Are Splay Shoes?

Splay Shoes are a refreshing entrant in the barefoot shoe market, adhering to the principles that feet need room to move and shoes should cater to this natural necessity.

  • History and Vision: Inspired by the need for natural movement, Splay Shoes was founded with a vision to offer a shoe that mimics barefoot walking.
  • Features: Splay Shoes champion a zero heel-to-toe drop, generous toe boxes, and flexible soles.

Main key Features and Benefits of Splay Shoes

Key Features Benefits
Zero heel-to-toe drop Promotes natural posture and alignment, similar to walking barefoot.
Wide forefoot design Accommodates wider foot shapes and allows for natural toe spread, enhancing comfort.
Flexible and wide sole construction Encourages natural foot movement and flexibility, providing a comfortable walking experience.
100% natural cotton upper Offers breathability and sustainability, keeping feet cool and contributing to environmental consciousness.
Removable insole Provides additional support if needed and the option for a more direct ground feel when removed.
Classic, subtle style Easy to pair with casual wear for daily use, ensuring versatility in various settings.
Budget-friendly price point at $72.99 Makes barefoot shoes accessible to more people, offering a cost-effective alternative to higher-priced options.
Suitable for wide feet Ensures a comfortable fit for individuals with wider feet, which can be challenging to find in typical footwear.
Durable construction Withstands regular wear and stands up against daily activities, offering long-term use and reliability.
Breathable upper with simplistic design Provides comfort for daily wear and a style that is aesthetically pleasing without being overly complex.

Key Features of Splay Freestyle Barefoot Shoes

Bullet-Point Breakdown:

  • Zero Drop: Aligns and allows your feet to feel the terrain, promoting better posture.
  • Toe Splay: Spacious front allows toes to spread naturally.
  • Flexible Sole: Encourages natural foot movement with every step.

Unboxing the Splay Freestyle

Upon receiving your Splay Shoes, you’ll notice:

  • First Look: A minimalist design with a focus on functionality.
  • Materials: Made from durable and sustainable materials like natural cotton.
  • Initial Comfort: An emphasis on immediate comfort with a sock-like feel.

Detailed Review of Splay Freestyle Shoes

Design and Aesthetic

Splay Shoes offer a simple yet functional design that works well with various styles. With their 100% natural cotton upper and synthetic rubber sole, they are built for breathability and flexibility.

Comfort and Fit

One of the highlights of Splay Shoes is the comfort they offer.

  • Daily Wear Comfort: Users report great satisfaction in the comfort for everyday activities.
  • Fit to Foot Anatomy: The wide sole is praised for accommodating a variety of foot shapes.

Performance In Daily Wear

For day-to-day performance:

  • Everyday Durability: Built to withstand frequent use, Splay Shoes rank high in longevity.
  • Temperature Regulation: The breathable material ensures comfort in different climates..

Splay Shoes Vs. Competitors

When compared to the likes of Lems Primal 2 and Xero Shoes Prio:

  • Splay Shoes are more budget-friendly with a comparable level of comfort and functionality.

Sizing and Fit Guide

A Step-by-Step Approach:

  1. Measure Your Foot: Print the Splay Shoes sizing guide and measure against the insole length.
  2. Consider Width: Splay Shoes are wide at the toes but not throughout, so size accordingly.

Sizing Tips:

  • For Growing Feet: Leave at least 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) for growth.
  • For Full-Grown Feet: Factor in enough wiggle room, accounting for socks if needed.
  • For High-Volume Feet: You may need to consider sizing up due to the wide toe box design.

Discover the Top Five Best-Selling Shoes from Splay: Your Path to Natural Movement

Welcome to a comprehensive exploration of Splay’s best-selling shoes, a lineup designed to merge minimalistic style with the full freedom of natural movement. Splay Shoes have carved a unique niche in the footwear market, offering an alternative that encourages the foot’s natural mechanics while ensuring style and comfort. Here, we uncover the features and benefits of Splay’s top five choices that are revolutionizing everyday footwear.

1. The Splay FREESTYLE™ – A Barefoot Daily Companion


  • Simplistic Design: Ideal for those who favor a clean, uncluttered look.
  • Wide Sole Construction: Ensures plenty of room for toe splay, crucial for comfort.
  • Removable Insole: Offers versatile support customization.


  • Match Any Outfit: Classic style that goes well with any casual wear.
  • Customizable Comfort: With or without the insole, it adapts to your comfort needs.
  • Affordable Luxury: Priced at $72.99, it is accessible without sacrificing quality.

2. Splay EXPLORER™ – The Adventure Seeker


  • Rugged Design: Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities.
  • Protective Sole: Gives a balance of protection and ground feedback.
  • Water-Resistant Upper: Keeps your feet dry during wet conditions.


  • Durable: Engineered to last through countless adventures.
  • Versatile Performance: Ideal for trails, hikes, and casual strolls in the park.
  • All-Weather Friendly: No need to worry about surprise rain showers.

3. Splay ACTIVE™ – The Workout Enthusiast


  • Flexibility: Allows for natural foot movement during workouts.
  • Breathable Material: Maintains airflow to minimize sweat and odor.
  • Non-Marking Sole: Perfect for indoor gym environments.


  • Gym to Street: Transitions smoothly from workout sessions to casual errands.
  • Foot Health: Enhances the strength and stability of the foot muscles.
  • Stay Fresh: Helps keep your feet fresh, even after intense workout sessions.

4. Splay EDU™ – The Comfort-Learner


  • Educational Design: Encourages proper foot development for growing children.
  • Flexible and Thin Sole: Mimics the natural feeling of walking barefoot.
  • Velcro Straps: Easy on and off for hassle-free wearing by kids.


  • Promotes Growth: Supports the natural growth and development of young feet.
  • Kid-Friendly Wear: Quick and easy for kids to manage by themselves.
  • Learning Tool: Helps children learn the importance of natural foot motion.

5. Splay LEISURE™ – The Relaxed Innovator


  • Casual Aesthetics: Offers a laid-back look perfect for leisure time.
  • Slip-On Design: Easy to wear, promoting a hassle-free lifestyle.
  • Cushioned Footbed: Extra comfort for all-day wearing.


  • Everyday Wear: Perfect for day-outings or a calm walk in the neighborhood.
  • Time Saver: Slip-on design saves time for those constantly on the go.
  • Enjoyable Experience: Ensures a relaxed foot feeling throughout the day.

Splay’s Best Sellers: Designed for Every Walk of Life Each of Splay’s best-selling shoes comes with the promise of barefoot-like freedom, a signature of the brand’s philosophy. By favoring the natural anatomy of the foot, promoting mobility, and providing protection, Splay’s footwear line is more than just shoes – it’s a commitment to a healthier and more active lifestyle that accommodates each individual’s needs.

Price and Value Analysis

With a price point of around $72, Splay Shoes provide:

  • A balance of quality and affordability.
  • Comparing favorably to other barefoot options on the market.

Caring for Your Splay Shoes

Maintenance Tips:

  • Cleaning: Regular cleaning and proper maintenance will elongate the wear time.
  • Longevity Practices: Storing them properly will ensure they last even longer.

Customer Reviews

  • Review by John T. – Austin, TX

    Title: Walking on Clouds with the Splay FREESTYLE!

    “I’ve always been skeptical about the concept of barefoot shoes, but the Splay FREESTYLE has completely won me over! The wide sole provides my toes with the wiggle room they need, and every step feels natural and unrestricted. I was pleasantly surprised by the breathable material – even the Texas heat can’t defeat these shoes. Plus, the price point is a steal for the quality you get. Highly recommend for anyone looking to ease into barefoot shoes. Splay, you’ve got a lifetime customer!”

    Review by Sarah L. – Seattle, WA

    Title: Splay FREESTYLE – The Barefoot Experience Redefined

    “As someone with wide feet, finding comfortable shoes has always been a battle. That is until I discovered Splay’s FREESTYLE shoes. The forefoot width is a dream come true, and the removable insole is such a thoughtful touch. They nailed the simplistic design — these shoes are my go-to for everyday wear and they match effortlessly with my wardrobe. Walking in them feels like a natural extension of my foot. Worth every penny!”

    Review by Mark D. – Boulder, CO

    Title: Durability Meets Comfort

    “I’m an avid walker, and I’ve put my Splay FREESTYLE shoes through the wringer on the sidewalks and trails of Colorado. These shoes have been resilient against all terrains and the comfort they provide is unmatched. They look as good as new even after months of daily use. For anyone on the fence – take the leap! Your feet will thank you.”

    Review by Emily R. – Brooklyn, NY

    Title: A Breath of Fresh Air for My Feet!

    “I’ve never felt more vocally positive about a shoe before. Splay’s FREESTYLE barefoot shoes are a game-changer for my daily commutes. They’re not only incredibly comfortable but also stylish in an understated way. The breathable upper keeps my feet cool, which is essential in the city hustle. Also, as a budget-conscious shopper, the price is just right. Definitely stocking up on another pair soon!”

    Review by Oliver P. – Savannah, GA

    Title: Classic Looks, Revolutionary Feel

    “I was in the market for a shoe that blends with my casual style but still offers the benefits of a modern barefoot design, and Splay’s FREESTYLE hits the mark. The classic look deceives; these are not your ordinary shoes. The natural movement they promote has made me rethink footwear entirely. Also, kudos to Splay for making them affordable. It’s refreshing to see a company prioritize both quality and customer wallets.”

Pros & Cons

Pros of Riomar Shoes:

  • Versatility: Designed to perform well both on a boat deck and at social gatherings like a Yacht Club.
  • Waterproof: Fully waterproof construction suits various environments, particularly marine settings.
  • High Craftsmanship: Handmade by artisans in Portugal, ensuring high-quality construction.
  • Customizable: Features such as the interchangeable bearings allow for easy customization.
  • Durability: Reported by customers to maintain appearance and quality even with heavy use.
  • Comfort: Many reviews highlight the comfort and excellent fit of the shoes.
  • Eco-Friendly Commitment: Donates 5% of profits to Coastal Conservation Association.
  • Stylish: Aesthetically pleasing designs that receive compliments, as noted by users.
  • Non-Slip, Non-Marking Outsoles: Ideal for boat decks and other slick surfaces.
  • Odor Control: Equipped with breathable, odorless lining and antimicrobial insoles.

Cons of Riomar Shoes:

  • Price Point: With prices around $219.00, they may be considered an investment compared to other brands.
  • Limited Availability: Occasionally, certain styles or designs might not be available due to the members-only or limited sale offerings.
  • Style Specificity: While versatile, the distinct nautical style may not appeal to all tastes or suit all occasions.
  • Break-In Period: As with many leather products, there may be a break-in period before reaching optimal comfort.
  • Weight: If designed for dual-purpose (marine and casual wear), they might be heavier than typical casual shoes.


To cap our Splay Shoes review, these shoes certainly offer a unique combination of affordability and the barefoot experience. Their simple design, comfort, and the natural feel make them a competitor in the minimalist shoe market.

Are Splay Freestyle barefoot shoes the perfect match for you? They very well might be, especially if you are seeking a functional, everyday barefoot shoe that won’t break the bank.


What makes the Splay FREESTYLE™ unique in the barefoot shoe market?

The Splay FREESTYLE™ distinguishes itself with a budget-friendly price of $72.99 USD, wide sole design for ample toe room, and a simplistic yet breathable upper construction. It excels in day-to-day wear, offering comfort and a classic aesthetic that complements any casual outfit.

Is the Splay FREESTYLE™ suitable for wider feet?

Yes, the Splay FREESTYLE™ is designed with a broad forefoot section to accommodate wider feet comfortably. Its spacious build allows for natural foot movement and toe spread, making it an excellent option for those looking for a generous fit in a barefoot shoe.

Can I use the Splay FREESTYLE™ for gym workouts and training?

The Splay FREESTYLE™ is tailored more towards casual daily use rather than intense workouts or training sessions. They’re optimized for comfort during walking and standing rather than the demanding conditions of athletic training.

How does the Splay FREESTYLE™ price compare to other barefoot shoes?

At $72.99 USD, the Splay FREESTYLE™ sits comfortably in the affordable range compared to other barefoot shoes, which can be significantly more expensive. Despite its lower price, it offers a competitive quality and durability.

What sizes are available for Splay Shoes, and do they offer options for kids?

Splay Shoes provide an extensive size range that covers toddler to adult sizes. This allows children and adults alike to find suitable barefoot shoe options, potentially even matching ‘parent-and-child’ pairs for a bit of fun.

Are there any special considerations for fitting when purchasing Splay Shoes?

While the Splay Shoes feature a wide toe box, they tend to run small. Therefore, sizing up is recommended, especially if you or your child has wide or high-volume feet. It’s also a good idea to consult the sizing guide provided on Splay’s website to ensure the best fit.

Will the Splay FREESTYLE™ accommodate high volume or high instep feet comfortably?

Due to the design being slightly narrow and shallow, it’s recommended to size up if you or your child has high instep or high-volume feet. Keep in mind the velcro straps are optimized for a regular fit, so test the sizing for secure fastening.

How do I care for my Splay FREESTYLE™ shoes to ensure their longevity?

To maintain the quality and durability of your Splay FREESTYLE™ shoes, regularly clean them with a mild detergent and air-dry. Avoid machine washing if not specifically stated it’s safe to do so and keep them away from direct heat sources when drying.

Are there discounts or promotions available for Splay Shoes?

From time to time, Splay Shoes may offer promotional codes, like ‘KELLY10’ for a 10% discount at the time of purchase. Keep an eye on the Splay Shoes website or subscribe to their newsletter for the latest deals and offers.

What colors do Splay FREESTYLE™ shoes come in?

Splay FREESTYLE™ shoes offer a range of colors suitable for all tastes, including neutral tones and more vibrant options such as pink, purple, and blue, providing style versatility for adults and fun choices for kids.

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