Skechers Men’s Gowalk 5 Qualify-Athletic Mesh Lace Up Performance Walking Shoe Sneaker Review: The Secret to Unstoppable Comfort!

The Skechers Men’s Gowalk 5 Qualify-Athletic Mesh Lace Up Performance Walking Shoe Sneaker represents a significant stride in the evolution of walking footwear, blending advanced technology with everyday practicality.

This review will focus on the distinctive features of the Gowalk 5 Qualify, particularly its innovative, responsive cushioning, breathable mesh upper, and the overall ergonomic design that promises enhanced walking comfort. Aimed at men who seek a combination of performance, style, and all-day wearability, these sneakers are ideal for both vigorous walks and casual strolls.

We will delve into the specifics of the shoe’s construction, user experiences, and its performance in various conditions, providing an in-depth analysis of why the Skechers Men’s Gowalk 5 might be a game-changer in the realm of men’s athletic and leisure footwear.

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Why Consider This Product?

Innovation is at the heart of the Skechers Men’s Gowalk 5 Qualify-Athletic Mesh Lace Up Performance Walking Shoe Sneaker, endowing it with features that cater to the discerning athlete and the casual walker alike. Our commitment to comfort, bolstered by endorsements from satisfied customers, signals that these sneakers may just be the perfect blend of performance and luxury for your feet.

Proven technology underpins every pair of these sneakers, evidenced by scientific research that champions the importance of responsive cushioning and support in athletic footwear. Making the choice for Skechers is, therefore, not just about style but also about investing in the health and comfort of your feet, as endorsed by a multitude of happy users.

Features and Benefits

Skechers Men’s Gowalk 5 Qualify: Feature Overview

Feature Benefit
ULTRA GO Cushioning Lightweight, responsive cushioning for impact absorption and shock reduction
COMFORT PILLAR TECHNOLOGY High-rebound pillars offer added support and stability for each step
Soft Knit Mesh Fabric and Synthetic Upper Breathable and flexible upper conforms to your foot for a comfortable, sock-like fit
Lace-Up Closure Secure and adjustable fit for a personalized feel
Air Cooled Goga Mat Insole System Enhanced breathability and moisture management for all-day comfort
Durable Outsole Traction and grip on various surfaces, ideal for both indoor and outdoor walks
Athletic Mesh Design Sleek and sporty look suitable for everyday wear
Multiple Color Options Choose from a variety of colors to match your style

Exceptional Comfort

With our Skechers Air Cooled Goga Mat insole, we ensure every step is cushioned, promoting a walking experience that feels buoyant and effortless.

Advanced Cushioning Technology

The Ultra Go cushioning is our lightweight, responsive secret to keeping your feet comfortable throughout the day—no matter the distance you cover.

Enhanced Support and Stability

Each sneaker is fitted with a dual-density outsole, designed to offer stability and support—a boon for those long walks or extended periods on your feet.

Easy Care Convenience

We value your time, which is why the machine washable feature of these sneakers ensures they are as easy to clean as they are to wear, keeping your routine uncomplicated.

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Product Quality

The Skechers Men’s Gowalk 5 Qualify shoe represents our dedication to quality, evident in every stitch and in the choice of durable materials used to craft these reliable companions for your feet.

What It’s Used For

Leisurely Walks

Embrace casual strolls with a sneaker that elevates your walking experience through a blend of cooling comfort and lightweight agility.

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Athletic Pursuits

Find an ally in these sneakers whether you’re sprinting, jogging, or engaging in high-energy workouts, thanks to their athletic build and responsive cushioning.

Outdoor Exploration

Our rugged outsole offers the grip and durability necessary for the unpredictable nature of outdoor adventures.

Everyday Wear

Designed with a versatile aesthetic and unparalleled comfort, the Skechers Gowalk 5 is equally at home in the urban jungle as it is on the trail.

Product Specifications

Specification Description
Brand Skechers
Model GoWalk 5 Qualify
Type Athletic Mesh Lace-Up Performance Walking Shoe Sneaker
Upper Material Breathable Athletic Mesh
Cushioning Technology ULTRA GO™ Cushioning
Sole Technology COMFORT PILLAR TECHNOLOGY™ for high-rebound cushioning
Insole Goga Mat® Air Cooled insole for optimal cushioning
Lining Soft fabric lining
Closure Type Traditional lace-up closure
Outsole Material Dual-density outsole for better traction and durability
Weight Lightweight design for ease of movement
Width Options Available in standard and wide widths
Color Options Various color options available
Size Range Available in multiple men’s sizes
Arch Support Moderate arch support
Water Resistance Not specifically water-resistant
Special Features Machine washable design, OrthoLite® foam technology
Intended Use Designed for walking and everyday casual wear
Target Audience Men looking for comfortable, stylish, and supportive shoes

Who Needs This

These sneakers are the perfect fit for anyone who values comfort as much as style, whether they are seasoned athletes, avid walkers, or active individuals in pursuit of everyday ease.

Pros and Cons


  1. Comfortable Cushioning: Equipped with ULTRA GO™ cushioning and COMFORT PILLAR TECHNOLOGY™, these sneakers offer superior comfort, making them ideal for extended wear.
  2. Breathable Design: The athletic mesh upper ensures breathability, keeping feet cool and comfortable, especially in warmer conditions.
  3. Lightweight Construction: The lightweight design of the sneakers enhances walking ease, reducing foot fatigue during long periods of use.
  4. Versatile Styling: With a sleek and modern aesthetic, these shoes are versatile enough for both athletic activities and casual wear.
  5. Custom Orthotic Compatibility: The removable insole allows for the use of custom orthotics, catering to those with specific foot support needs.
  6. Durable Outsole: The dual-density outsole provides both durability and traction on a variety of surfaces.
  7. Wide Feet Accommodation: Available in different widths, these shoes are suitable for individuals with wider feet.


  1. Limited Wet Weather Suitability: The mesh upper, while breathable, is not ideal for wet conditions, limiting the shoe’s versatility in rainy weather.
  2. Break-in Period: Some users might experience a brief break-in period before the shoes reach optimal comfort levels.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: While stylish, the design might not appeal to those seeking a more traditional or less sporty look.
  4. Insufficient Arch Support for Some: Individuals with specific arch support needs may find the built-in support inadequate and might need to use additional insoles.
  5. Price: Depending on the budget, some users might find these sneakers on the pricier side compared to other walking shoes.
  6. Durability in High-Impact Activities: While durable for walking, these shoes may not withstand high-impact or rigorous athletic activities.


  1. FAQ: What makes the Skechers GoWalk 5 Qualify suitable for walking?
    • Answer: The GoWalk 5 Qualify is designed with innovative comfort technologies, including lightweight, responsive ULTRA GO™ cushioning and high-rebound COMFORT PILLAR TECHNOLOGY™. These features work together to provide optimal support and responsiveness, making them ideal for extended periods of walking.
  2. FAQ: Are these sneakers breathable for all-day wear?
    • Answer: Yes, the GoWalk 5 Qualify features a breathable athletic mesh upper, which allows for excellent air circulation. This design keeps your feet cool and comfortable, even during prolonged use or in warmer climates.
  3. FAQ: How do the shoes perform on different surfaces?
    • Answer: These sneakers are equipped with a dual-density outsole that offers both stability and flexibility, providing reliable traction on various surfaces. Whether you’re walking on pavement, light trails, or indoor surfaces, the GoWalk 5 Qualify ensures a secure grip.
  4. FAQ: Can I use custom orthotics with these shoes?
    • Answer: Yes, the GoWalk 5 Qualify has a removable insole, allowing you to replace it with custom orthotics if needed. This flexibility makes the shoe suitable for those with specific foot conditions who require personalized insoles.
  5. FAQ: Are these shoes suitable for individuals with wide feet?
    • Answer: Skechers is known for accommodating a range of foot widths, and the GoWalk 5 Qualify is no exception. They offer a roomy fit in the toe box and come in different width options, catering to those with standard or wider feet.
  6. FAQ: How durable are these walking shoes?
    • Answer: The GoWalk 5 Qualify is designed with durability in mind. The quality construction and materials used in these shoes ensure they can withstand the wear and tear of regular walking, offering longevity and value for money.
  7. FAQ: Is the GoWalk 5 Qualify versatile in terms of style?
    • Answer: Absolutely! While primarily a performance walking shoe, the GoWalk 5 Qualify boasts a sleek and modern design that makes it versatile for casual wear as well. Its athletic yet stylish appearance allows it to transition seamlessly from walking trails to casual social settings.

What Customers Are Saying

  1. Like Walking on Clouds – I’ve never experienced such comfort in a walking shoe before. The cushioning is superb, and it feels like I’m walking on clouds. These shoes have become my go-to for daily walks and even running errands. They’re lightweight, breathable, and the mesh design keeps my feet cool. Highly recommend for anyone seeking ultimate comfort in their stride!
  2. Great Support, Stylish Look -These Skechers GoWalk 5 sneakers are a perfect blend of style and functionality. I love the modern look, and the support they provide is unmatched. I’ve worn them on long city walks, and my feet felt great throughout. Plus, they pair nicely with both casual and slightly more dressy outfits. A fantastic purchase!
  3. Durable and Versatile -I bought these sneakers for my daily walks, but they’ve quickly become my favorite for all sorts of activities. They’ve held up remarkably well over several months of heavy use. The soles show little wear, and the mesh upper is still in perfect shape. They’re easy to clean, too, which is a bonus.
  4. Good, but Needed a Break-In Period – When I first got these shoes, they felt a bit snug. However, after a few days of wearing them, they adapted to my feet’s shape and became incredibly comfortable. If you’re considering these, give them some time to break in. They’re worth the wait for the comfort they offer.
  5. Excellent for Long Walks, but Watch the Size -I’m an avid walker, and these shoes have been excellent on my long-distance walks. The only issue I had was with sizing. I recommend going half a size up for the best fit, especially if you have wider feet. Other than that, they’re fantastic – lightweight, supportive, and they look great too.
  6. Comfortable but Not for Wet Weather -The comfort level of these sneakers is top-notch, and I wear them almost every day. However, they’re not the best in wet conditions. The mesh is great for breathability but doesn’t hold up well against rain. Perfect for dry, warm days though!

Overall Value

Assessing the Gowalk 5’s long-term value, we find its benefits far outweigh the cost—making it not only an investment in footwear but also in your personal comfort and performance.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  1. Correct Sizing: Ensure you have the right size for optimal comfort. Consider trying on the shoes later in the day when your feet are slightly swollen to get a more accurate fit.
  2. Break-In Period: Give your shoes a proper break-in period. Wear them for short periods initially to allow the material to stretch and mold to your feet for increased comfort.
  3. Use Custom Orthotics if Needed: If you require additional arch support or have specific foot conditions, don’t hesitate to replace the insole with custom orthotics for personalized comfort.
  4. Proper Lacing Technique: Adjust the laces for a snug, comfortable fit. Proper lacing can prevent foot slippage inside the shoe and enhance overall support.
  5. Alternate Your Shoes: To maintain the longevity of your GoWalk 5 Qualify sneakers, alternate them with other shoes. This allows the foam and other materials to decompress and air out, prolonging their lifespan.
  6. Cleaning and Maintenance: Clean your shoes regularly to maintain their appearance and hygiene. Use a soft-bristled brush for the mesh upper and a damp cloth for the soles. Avoid machine washing as it can damage the shoe’s structure.
  7. Dry Them Properly: If your shoes get wet, let them air dry away from direct heat. Stuffing them with newspaper can help absorb moisture and maintain their shape.
  8. Suitable for Intended Use: Remember, these sneakers are designed for walking and light activities. They may not be suitable for high-impact sports or rough terrain.
  9. Pair with Appropriate Socks: Wear socks that wick away moisture to keep your feet dry and prevent blisters, enhancing the comfort provided by the shoes.
  10. Regularly Check for Wear and Tear: Regularly inspect your shoes for any signs of wear and tear, especially on the sole and cushioning. Timely replacement is key to ensuring continuous foot support and comfort.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

In summary, the Skechers Men’s Gowalk 5 Qualify brings together innovation and practicality, creating a shoe that exceeds expectations and supports active lifestyles without compromise.

Final Recommendation

We wholeheartedly recommend these sneakers for their innovative design, exceptional comfort, and versatile functionality—a true testament to Skechers’ commitment to outstanding footwear.

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