15 Pairs Of Shoes That Are Actually Comfortable For People With Flat Feet

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No matter your foot shape, every stride should feel like a walk in the clouds.

1. A sleek pair of Puma Carina sneakers that’ll go with EVERYTHING in your wardrobe, not to mention they’re incredibly supportive. What a pair of winners.

Reviewer wearing white sneakers

2. Or an absolutely amazing pair of Saucony sneakers, which are my personal faves and ones I buy new pairs of as needed. They’re my go-to walking and running shoes as they’re roomy, ultra-supportive, and honestly don’t need breaking in.

Reviewer wearing the black sneakers

3. A stylish pair of nonslip Chelsea boots that effortlessly blend style and sophistication. Reviewers rave that they’re not too heavy, can be worn all day without discomfort, AND earn tons of compliments.

Reviewer holding and wearing the white boots

4. A super chic pair of walking sandals featuring an orthotic insole ~and~ a cushioned outsole so you get max support, even with a traditionally flat shoe. Brilliant.

5. A pair of Carhartt work boots boasting a wedge for *extra* support along with rubber outsoles and waterproof leather, meaning they’re ideal for long walks in the rain, outdoor work, recreation, or maybe even a sophisticated dinner.

6. A pair of fuzzy slippers because even at home (and *especially* when dealing with tile and hardwood), your feet deserve to be pampered and supported. Sink into luxurious comfort with every step and treat your feet right.

reviewer photo of feet in plush purple slippers with denim jeans on a shaggy rug

7. A tasteful pair of flat mules that look way more expensive than they actually are, plus have a little cushion to keep your toes and arches cozy all day long.

8. A pair of Chelsea ankle boots that go with pretty much *every* outfit you could possibly think of. Reviewers say they hold up great over time and can be worn with thin or thick socks, making them weather-versatile to boot (PUN INTENDED).

9. A smart pair of supportive slip-on walking shoes that are specially made for foot pain relief. These are also great for days when you don’t feel like dealing with pesky zippers or laces and just want easy on, easy off.

a reviewer in jeans wearing a black shoe with a white sole, resting foot on chair leg

10. A pair of flexible two-strap sandals that contour to the unique shape of your foot (SO GOOD). Perfect for those days when any other kind of shoe feels like a hassle, these slip-ons provide instant comfort without sacrificing your trendy style.

Psst: Some reviewers suggest ordering a size up.

Promising review: “I was so thankful I sized up per previous review recommendations. Also, I appreciate the arch support as I have very flat feet, and it’s hard to find sandals with good support. I also have very narrow feet, so having straps that tighten up is so helpful. These look the exact same as Birkenstocks and are wayyy more comfortable and affordable!” —Erika

Get them from Amazon for $24.99+ (available in sizes 6–12, including wide options, and 21 colors).

11. A pair of two-strapped sandal heels to effortlessly elevate your footwear game (and show off your latest pedicure, of course). Reviewers love that they’ve got a low heel while still being totally cute ‘n’ comfy.

12. A pair of New Balance sneakers with wide toe beds and tons of support for those with flat feet. Putting your ~best foot~ forward has never been more sole-ful.

13. A pair of Clarks flip-flops which I own several pairs of and absolutely love. Plush and easy on your feet, they support your feet while still looking adorable.

14. Or a pair of embellished sandals that are SO good for making a statement in a subtle yet effective way. Dress up any outfit instantly and turn heads with every step you take.

15. And a beautiful pair of chunky heel sandals so you can strut your stuff while feeling like you’re walking on sunshine (AND on big fluffy clouds). No pain, just gain.

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