New Balance Vs Under Armour: An In-Depth Comparison Of Athletic Footwear Giants

As someone who’s passionate about keeping up with the ever-evolving world of athletic footwear, I can’t help but get pumped about exploring two of the industry’s heavyweights, New Balance and Under Armour. Kicking things off with a trek through their histories, I’m set to take you on a journey that charts New Balance’s enduring legacy over a century and Under Armour’s meteoric rise in a relative blink of an eye. Trust me, this is more than just a tale of two brands; it’s a toe-to-toe showcase of innovation, technology, and style.

Strapping on my most comfortable walking shoes—metaphorically speaking—I’m going to dissect their extensive product ranges, analyze market influence, and pore over customer opinions, all to bring you a head-to-head showdown that’s as informative as it is thrilling. Whether you’re a sneakerhead, a casual shopper, or simply curious about where to place your next step, my breakdown of New Balance versus Under Armour is your roadmap to making an informed choice. Strap in, because it’s time to lace up this comparison with precision!

New Balance Vs Under Armour: An In-Depth Comparison Of Athletic Footwear Giants

Brand History and Evolution

New Balance – A Century of Stepping Up

I’ve always marveled at how New Balance, with its humble beginnings as an arch support company in the early 1900s, transformed into one of the world’s leading athletic footwear brands. It’s a century-long saga of stepping up, from crafting custom shoes to becoming a household name in sports and lifestyle footwear. Key milestones? One that sticks out is the release of their Trackster running shoe in the 1960s, with its ripple sole and varied-widths design, a breakthrough that made waves among runners. Their commitment to high-quality manufacturing, especially their continued production in the United States and the UK when other brands moved offshore, definitely sets them apart.

Under Armour – Performance Beyond the Field

Now, if I switch gears to Under Armour, the narrative is more like a meteoric rise from its 1996 inception. They were the underdog, a brand started in a grandmother’s basement, and they’ve hustled beyond the field. Under Armour evolved from being renowned for their moisture-wicking performance apparel to forging a solid footing in the athletic footwear industry. Their expansion has been impressive, cutting across various sports and product lines, continuously innovating to meet the demands of athletes everywhere.

Technology and Innovation

Innovations That Define New Balance

New Balance is no slouch when it comes to innovation. They’ve introduced proprietary technologies that have really defined their brand, at least from my vantage point. The ABZORB cushioning is one example that gives runners that shock absorption needed for those extra miles. And let’s not forget the N-ergy responsive cushioning system, offering additional shock absorption and durability. Their tech is about blending comfort with performance, and they keep refining it with each new model they churn out.

Under Armour’s Technological Edge

Under Armour has this knack for infusing their gear with tech that feels like it’s from the future. Take their HOVR technology – it’s like a springy embrace for your feet that not only cushions but also returns energy to the runner. Their innovations have spawned a collection of gear that’s engineered to make athletes better. ColdGear technology keeps athletes warm, HeatGear keeps them cool, and Storm technology repels water without sacrificing breathability. Under Armour’s gadgets are giving them a technological edge that’s quite hard to ignore.

Product Range and Offerings

Extensive Footwear Catalog of New Balance

Geez, where to start with New Balance’s footwear catalog? They’ve got it all: running shoes that cater to casual joggers and professional athletes alike; training shoes that support every lunge and lift; and lifestyle sneakers that merge comfort with street style. All of this across men’s, women’s, and kids’ sizes. They aren’t just about breadth, though; each category is deep with options reflecting various performance needs and design preferences.

Under Armour’s Diverse Shoe Line-Up

Under Armour, on the flip side, has also got a diverse lineup that packs a punch. Their basketball sneakers resonate pretty well with players looking for that court grip and ankle support. Runners have different UA options that balance weight, cushioning, and responsiveness, while gym rats can pick from a selection of training shoes designed for versatility. And let’s not overlook the tactical boots for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals. Their shoe game covers a lot of ground, metaphorically speaking.

Market Presence and Consumer Perception

Global Reach of New Balance

New Balance has really laced up its shoes tightly on the global stage. They command an impressive market share, with their presence felt in over 120 countries, and you can see their ‘N’ logo from Boston to Beijing. They’re often associated with quality and a commitment to excellent manufacturing practices, which resonates well with a wide demographic of consumers. Their global reach is significant, and it shows in their sales and brand loyalty.

Under Armour’s Competitive Landscape

Under Armour might be newer to the race, but they’re sprinting fast in terms of growth and global presence. They’ve carved out a competitive position in the market by staying true to their performance-first ethos. I’ve noticed a consistent brand message, one that appeals to individuals striving to reach their peak performance. Their competitive landscape is about innovation and inspiration, which seems to be striking the right chord with consumers internationally.

New Balance Vs Under Armour: An In-Depth Comparison Of Athletic Footwear Giants

New Balance vs Under Armour – Feature and Benefit Comparison Table

Overview Table of Features and Benefits

Feature New Balance Under Armour
Technology ABZORB, N-ergy, Fresh Foam HOVR, ColdGear, HeatGear
Design Classic and Modern Modern and Athletic
Price Range Moderate to High Moderate to High
Benefits Comfort, Durability, Width Sizing Comfort, Innovation, Performance

Comparison of Running Shoes

Aspect New Balance Under Armour
Cushioning Fresh Foam, ABZORB HOVR, Micro G
Fit & Support Engineered Mesh, No-Sew Material UA SpeedForm, 3D print overlay
Price $$$ $$$
Durability High Moderate to High

Comparison of Training Shoes

Aspect New Balance Under Armour
Stability TPU Reinforcement External Heel Counter
Comfort ABZORB Cushioning Full-Length Micro G Foam
Design Low-Cut, Bootie Construction Low-Cut, Anatomical Design
Versatility High Moderate to High

Comparison of Lifestyle Shoes

Aspect New Balance Under Armour
Aesthetic Appeal Classic, Retro-Inspired Sporty, Modern
Material Quality Suede, Mesh, Leather Synthetic, Textile
Fit & Comfort Padded Collar, ENCAP Cushioning EVA Cushioning, 4D Foam
Lifestyle Suitability High Moderate

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

What Are People Saying About New Balance?

When scoping out what people are saying about New Balance, I notice a trend: they’re consistently praised for comfort, particularly among those needing specialty sizing. Their durability often gets a nod, with many stories of pairs that have lasted years. But, no brand is without gripes—their style sometimes receives mixed reviews, with some people finding certain models a bit behind on the latest trends.

Under Armour Through the Eyes of the Consumer

Diving into customer feedback on Under Armour, there’s a lot of chatter about their technological advancements—features like breathability and support get high marks from athletes. Their fits are said to be snug and just right, precisely what’s desired for peak performance. However, with innovation can come complexity, as sometimes users report that finding the right product for their specific needs can be overwhelming amid the brand’s vast offerings.

Price Comparison

Evaluating Cost – New Balance

New Balance tends to vary in price, often aligning with the level of technology and material quality in their shoes. Basic models that cater to everyday comfort can be quite affordable, while their top-tier performance models—rich with tech features and specialized materials—come with a heftier price tag.

Price Point of Under Armour

Under Armour’s pricing strategy seems pretty parallel to New Balance’s. You’ve got more budget-friendly options that are simple yet effective, and at the other end, high-performance gear featuring all their latest tech innovations. They’re competitively priced, meaning they offer value for money given the technological benefits baked into the shoes.

Pros and Cons

Weighing New Balance – Advantages and Limitations

New Balance shines with its variety of sizes and widths, offering a personalized fit that’s hard to beat. Their commitment to craftsmanship also earns them points for durability. However, their classic design might not appeal to everyone, especially those seeking a more aggressive, modern look.

Assessing Under Armour – Strengths and Weaknesses

Under Armour’s strengths definitely lie in their innovative features and performance-boosting technologies. They’re also praised for their sleek, modern designs. But, their focus on athletic performance can sometimes lead to designs that might not be as comfortable for everyday wear or as durable in harsh conditions.

Expert Opinions and Endorsements

Athlete Endorsements and Brand Influencers – New Balance

New Balance boasts a roster of elite athlete endorsements and brand influencers that spans various sports—affirmations of their quality and performance. Runner’s World often features New Balance in their top picks, with experts and athletes citing their shoes’ comfort and support.

Celebrity Athletes and Strategic Partnerships – Under Armour

Under Armour doesn’t just partner with any athlete—they forge relationships with top-performing stars across sports. We’re talking big names that resonate with their push-the-limits brand philosophy. Their products are regularly spotlighted for innovation in sports gear reviews.


Summary of Key Points

In the matchup of New Balance versus Under Armour, it’s clear that both brands bring their A-game with distinctive heritages, innovations, and market presence. New Balance flaunts over a century of craftsmanship with a broad range of footwear that provides comfort and durability. Under Armour challenges its competitor with a fiercely modern take on athletic wear infused with cutting-edge technology for optimum performance.

Closing Statement on Brand Comparison

Choosing between New Balance and Under Armour really comes down to personal preference and needs. Are you someone who values tried-and-tested quality, with a nod to classic style? New Balance could be your fit. Or are you the kind who leans towards the latest technological breakthroughs, with a penchant for a sleek, athletic aesthetic? In that case, Under Armour might just be the right shoe for your foot. Regardless, both giants stand firmly, each with one foot in tradition and the other striding boldly into the future of athletic footwear.

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