Lems Shoes Review Stride into Comfort: An In-Depth Review

Dive into our extensive Lems Shoes Review for a closer look at their minimalist footwear’s comfort, durability, and style.

Are Lems Shoes truly the ultimate in minimalist footwear? In this comprehensive Lems Shoes review, we’re stepping in to dissect the features, styles, and overall performance of their lineup. As the name ‘Lems’ echoes the principles of ‘Live Easy & Minimal,’ we’ll see if they live up to their mantra. Get ready for a thorough walkthrough of everything Lems has to offer, ensuring you have all the insight needed for your next shoe purchase.

Overview of Lems Shoes

Lems Shoes, with a goal of simplicity and inspired by the natural shape of the human foot, crafts minimalist shoes that promise a comfortable walking experience. They have stormed the market with designs that prioritize functionality and a no-frills approach to style. But what really makes Lems Shoes stand out?

 Main key Features and Benefits of Lems Shoes

Key Features Benefits
Wide Toe Box Promotes optimal foot and toe health; allows toes to splay naturally.
Zero-Drop Platform Encourages natural arch support and a stable foot/ankle complex.
Flexible Sole Allows for natural foot function, strength, and tactile feedback.
Lightweight Construction Provides a comfortable, barely-there feel.
Vegan-Friendly Materials Sustainable and ethical choice, adhering to certain values.
Ground Feel Enhances proprioception and natural gait.
Healthy Foot Shape Design Contributes to overall foot health and comfort.
Minimalist and Sleek Design Aesthetically pleasing with a modern, simplistic style.
Durability Crafted with materials that ensure longevity.
Vegan Options in Line Offers sustainable, non-animal-based product options.

Detailed Reviews of Various Lems Models

Lems Primal 2

  • Design and Comfort: The Primal 2 is a culmination of Lems’ design philosophy – minimalist, lightweight, and comfortable. The zero-drop design makes for a more natural foot placement.
  • Material: Crafted with vegan-friendly materials, they are as kind to your feet as they are to the environment.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a variety of settings, from trails to towns, the Primal 2 adapts to your lifestyle with ease.

Trailhead v2

  • Performance: Built for the explorer, the Trailhead v2 finds its strength off the beaten path without sacrificing street style.
  • Durability: It is designed to withstand the elements and provide lasting durability, even in harsh conditions.

Boulder Boots

  • Weather-Resistance: The waterproof qualities ensure your feet stay dry regardless of the terrain.
  • Transition to Zero-Drop: Embracing the zero-drop feel may take time but can lead to better foot health.

Fit and Sizing

  • True to Size?: Lems Shoes often provide a consistent fit, but it’s essential to refer to their sizing guide to find your perfect match.
  • Customer Feedback: The overwhelming consensus points to exceptional comfort and accurate sizing, though individual experiences may vary.

Style and Versatility

  • Wardrobe-Friendly: Lems shoes can be paired effortlessly with various attire, truly a versatile choice for the minimalist wardrobe.
  • Activity Ready: Whether you’re hitting the gym or the trails, Lems support your adventures while maintaining a style suitable for casual outings.

Durability and Maintenance

  • Longevity: Lems are built to last, but proper care is essential. Regular cleaning and mindful wear can extend their lifespan significantly.
  • Care Instructions: Simple maintenance, such as wiping down and air drying, suffices to keep these shoes in top shape.

Health and Wellness Factors

  • Foot Health Advantages: The wide toe box and flexible soles of Lems encourage natural foot movement, which can contribute to improved overall foot health.
  • Testimonial Evidence: Users with foot ailments often report relief when switching to minimalist shoes like Lems.

Price Point and Value

  • Cost Comparison: While not the cheapest, Lems offers competitive pricing, particularly when weighing the benefits of their foot-healthy features.
  • Is It Worth It?: For the value of improved foot health and versatile style, many users deem the investment in Lems Shoes worthwhile.

Customer Reviews Roundup

  • Positive Feedback: Many users rave about the comfort and fit, citing Lems Shoes as instrumental in alleviating foot discomfort.
  • Addressed Critiques: While some point out quicker than expected wear or sizing issues, Lems has a responsive customer service team ready to assist.

Where to Buy Lems Shoes

  • Direct Purchase: The best selection is available directly from Lems Shoes’ official website.
  • Authorized Retailers: To try before you buy, check out local and online authorized retailers.

Lems Shoes Return and Warranty Policy

  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Lems stands behind its products, offering a clear and fair return policy for unworn shoes.
  • Warranty Service: They provide a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Embracing Minimalism: Lems Shoes’ Bestsellers Unveiled

When it comes to minimalist footwear that doesn’t skimp on style or comfort, Lems Shoes stands out as a brand that delivers. Their shoes are not just about looks; they’re built to promote foot health, offering a blend of functionality and minimalism that appeals to a wide range of consumers. Let’s lace up and take a closer look at five of Lems Shoes’ bestsellers, exploring their unique features and the benefits they bring to your feet.

Lems Boulder Boot

The Ultimate All-Rounder

This versatile boot has earned its reputation as a fan favorite for a plethora of reasons:

  • Weather Resistant: Designed to withstand the elements, making it a year-round staple.
  • Ultra-Lightweight: Easy to pack and perfect for travelers who like to pack light.
  • Zero-Drop: Encourages natural alignment and posture, making it great for those who prioritize foot health.

Wearers Benefit From:

  • An All-Day Comfort: The boots offer a barefoot feeling without sacrificing protection, ideal for the urban adventurer or the nature enthusiast alike.
  • Sustainable Choices: With options for vegan material, it’s a purchase you can feel good about.

Lems Primal 2

The Day-to-Day Companion

The Primal 2 is not just a shoe; it’s a movement. Here’s why they’re flying off the shelves:

  • Vegan-Friendly: No animals were harmed in the making of these shoes.
  • Super Flexible: Bend it, twist it, the Primal 2 can take it.
  • Breathable Design: Keep your feet cool even on the warmest days.

Advantages You’ll Love:

  • Versatility: Slip it on for a quick errand or a long walk—either way, your feet are covered.
  • Foot Freedom: A wide toe box means your toes have room to move and grow stronger with each step.

Lems Chillum

Casual Never Looked So Good

The Chillum brings casual comfort to new heights, with features to boot:

  • Unisex Design: Style knows no bounds, and neither does the Chillum.
  • Cotton Canvas: Casual yet durable for the modern lifestyle.
  • Memory Foam Insole: Step into comfort that remembers you.

Your Feet Will Thank You For:

  • City to Country Versatility: Dress them up or dress them down, these shoes are ready for any occasion.
  • Conscious Comfort: Relaxed fit without compromising on ethical standards.

Lems Trailhead V2

For the Urban Explorer

Retro meets modern in this mountain-to-town sneaker that doesn’t cut corners on features:

  • Rugged Durability: Built to last whether you’re traipsing up a trail or down a city street.
  • Microfiber Footbed: Soft to the touch, resilient in function.
  • Low-Heel Drop: Offers just enough height for a sturdy stance.

Exploration Awaits With:

  • A Stance on Style: A sneaker that looks as good with a backpack as it does with a briefcase.
  • Natural Foot Mechanics: Designed to let your feet move as nature intended.

Lems Chelsea Boot

Sophistication Meets Simplicity

A classic design reimagined with a minimalist twist:

  • Water-Resistant: Step confidently no matter the weather.
  • Easy On/Off: Elastic side panels for fuss-free wear.
  • Classic Look: Timeless design that transcends trends.

Reap The Benefits Of:

  • All-Day Elegance: Look sharp without sacrificing comfort from dawn to dusk.
  • Enduring Design: Invest in boots that age as gracefully as you do.

Customer Reviews

Review by Jackson T. – Boulder, CO ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Title: “Cloud-like Comfort with Rugged Charm”

I was initially skeptical about switching to minimalist footwear, but the Boulder Boots changed my mind within the first week of wear! The zero-drop design felt natural, and the wide toe box was a game-changer for my wide feet. They’ve been ideal for both my daily walks around Boulder and my weekend hikes in the Rockies. I adore the earthy aesthetic — they’re durable without looking too bulky. Kudos to Lems for creating such a fantastic product that doesn’t compromise style for comfort!

Review by Sophia M. – Austin, TX ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Title: “Primal 2: My Go-To for Everyday Errands”

I purchased the Primal 2 a month ago and have barely taken them off since! They’re incredibly lightweight, and I love how they’re flexible enough to toss in my bag. The vegan materials align with my ethical choices, which is a huge plus. I did take one star off since I needed a bit of time to adjust to the barefoot feel, but now I can’t imagine going back to conventional shoes. These are stellar for anyone embarking on a minimalist footwear journey!

Review by Marcus L. – New York, NY ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Title: “Finally Found My Fit with the Chillum!”

After trying brand after brand for a casual shoe that didn’t squeeze my feet, the Chillum from Lems has been a revelation. They’ve mastered the casual look without sacrificing the comfort of a wide fit, which is so hard to find. The memory foam insole feels plush, and the cotton canvas holds up well to my daily commutes through the city. I’m already eyeing my next pair!

Review by Emma R. – Seattle, WA ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Title: “Trailhead V2: Stylish, but Takes Some Breaking In”

The Trailhead V2 sneakers have been a fashionable addition to my outdoor gear. Love the retro vibe! They’ve been great on light hikes and perfect for a post-hike pub visit. Took a hike or two to break in properly, hence the four stars. They’re rugged and provide great ground feedback without skimping on style.

Review by Alex D. – Portland, OR ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Title: “Sleek, Comfortable and Versatile – Chelsea Boot For The Win!”

Picked up the Waterproof Chelsea Boot for Portland’s rainy season and they’ve passed with flying colors — waterproof indeed! They slip on easily and have a timeless design that works with both my work attire and casual outfits. The best part? They don’t scream ‘rain boot’ while keeping my feet bone-dry.

Pros and Cons Recap


  • Good introduction model to minimalist shoes, suitable for those transitioning to barefoot-style footwear.
  • Comfortable for casual walking and day-to-day wear due to the padded construction.
  • Designed to promote a natural foot shape, providing a barefoot feel while still offering protection.
  • Features a wide toe box, allowing for natural toe spread and enhanced comfort.
  • Good breathability to keep the feet cool.
  • Lightweight build ensuring the footwear doesn’t feel cumbersome.
  • Includes a relatively thicker sole (8.0 mm LemsRubber) for a minimalist shoe, providing extra cushioning.
  • Comes with a 3.5mm thick removable footbed, allowing some degree of adaptability to personal preference.
  • Offers a middle ground between true barefoot shoes and traditional shoes with thicker midsoles.
  • The design is visually appealing, maintaining the appearance of a traditional shoe rather than an overtly minimalist design.


  • While minimalist, they are not as minimal as other barefoot shoes—those seeking an ultra-minimalist experience may need to look elsewhere.
  • The Primal 2 may require an adjustment period for those used to wearing conventional shoes with more support and cushioning.
  • May not be suitable for certain activities that require specific types of support or structure provided by traditional athletic footwear.
  • The transition to this type of shoe needs to be gradual to avoid discomfort or injury due to the lack of cushioning typical in standard shoes.


Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Whether you’re a long-time minimalist shoe enthusiast or considering your first pair, Lems Shoes offer a unique balance of comfort and style that stands out in the market. Their focus on foot health and quality make them a brand worth considering for your footwear needs.

FAQ Section

What Size Should I Order in Lems Shoes?

To find your best fit in Lems Shoes, we suggest you stick with your standard UK size. If you’re not familiar with your UK size, a good rule of thumb is to size two up from your European size. For the most accurate measure, check the length of your foot and compare it with our size chart.

Are Lems Shoes Available for Different Widths?

Our entire shoe line is developed on a 2E width standard which is categorized as extra wide, except for our Trailhead and Mesa models. This design ensures a comfortable fit for broader feet.

Can I Get Two Different Sized Lems Shoes for Each Foot?

As Lems is a boutique operation, we are unable to provide mismatched pairs of shoes. For those with different sized feet, we suggest taking a look at The Odd Shoe Exchange to find individual Lems Shoes that may fit either foot.

Are There Physical Locations Where I Can Try on Lems Shoes?

We’re in the midst of a relocation which unfortunately means suspending in-person fittings. Keep an eye on our announcements for future updates regarding physical locations.

Do Lems Shoes Accommodate Correct Toes or Orthotics?

Most of our shoes come with a removable 3mm insole which allows for ample space to fit most custom orthotics or Correct Toes. You typically won’t need to size up for this accommodation, but if you have wider feet, going a size larger may be beneficial.

How Durable Are Lems Shoes?

Our minimalist shoe range is designed to last between 300 to 600 miles, though this can vary based on your walking style and the terrains you traverse.

How Do I Clean My Lems Shoes?

We advocate for hand-washing your shoes with mild soap and lukewarm water. For leather components, consider using suitable leather care products. Dry your shoes at room temperature, away from direct heat, to preserve their shape and integrity.

I Have High Arches. Are Lems Shoes Suitable for Me?

Lems Shoes are crafted to accommodate a multitude of foot shapes. Yet, the only definitive way to assess their suitability is to try them on for yourself, as individual experiences may differ.

What Makes Lems Shoes ‘Minimalist’?

Lems’ minimalist designs feature a wide toe box, flexible materials, and a zero-drop sole to foster natural foot movement, which can lead to stronger feet and better posture over time.

Will I Need Time to Adjust to Wearing Lems Shoes?

If you’re new to minimalist footwear, your feet might need time to adapt to Lems Shoes. We recommend gradually increasing wearing time to allow your feet to adjust comfortably.

Can Lems Shoes Help with Foot Conditions Like Bunions or Plantar Fasciitis?

While individual results can vary, many customers have reported improvement in foot-related conditions when switching to Lems Shoes due to their foot-friendly design.

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