Craft Running Shoes Review: A Comprehensive Guide to Craft Sportswear’s Running Footwear

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Discover the ultimate Craft running shoes review. We analyze comfort, durability, and performance to help you choose the perfect pair for your runs.

Craft Sportswear has established a reputation for manufacturing high-quality running shoes that cater to the needs of diverse runners. From novice enthusiasts to competitive athletes, Craft’s range of running shoes is designed to provide performance, comfort, and injury prevention. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the features, performance, and user experiences of Craft running shoes, aiming to assist you in making an informed decision for your next pair of running footwear.

Craft Running Shoes Collection

Craft’s running shoe collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and quality. Craft incorporates advanced technology and durable materials in the manufacturing of its running shoes. The Nordlite Ultra, Nordic Glow, and Charge Fuseknit are among Craft’s notable running shoe models, each designed to address specific runner needs and preferences.

 Main Key Features and Benefits of Craft Running Shoes

Key Features


Responsive Midsole Foam
Provides excellent cushioning and energy return, enhancing comfort and performance.
Durable Outsole
Offers superior traction and longevity, ensuring stability and grip on various surfaces.
Seamless Upper Construction
Minimizes irritation and enhances breathability, promoting a comfortable and supportive fit.
Versatile Design
Suitable for different terrains and running styles, catering to diverse runner preferences.
Lightweight Construction
Reduces fatigue and allows for faster and more efficient running, especially on longer distances.

Craft Running Shoes Performance

The performance of Craft running shoes is optimized for various terrain types and running styles. From road running to trail running, Craft’s footwear offers a balance of responsiveness, support, and durability. Many users have reported positive experiences with Craft running shoes, highlighting their performance across different distances and running surfaces.

Comfort and Fit

Craft prioritizes the comfort and fit of its running shoes. The breathability, flexibility, and overall comfort of Craft running shoes contribute to an enhanced running experience. Craft’s commitment to providing a supportive and comfortable fit for all foot types sets their footwear apart.

Technology and Material

Craft running shoes are equipped with innovative technologies and high-quality materials to improve performance and durability. These include responsive midsole foams, durable outsoles with superior traction, and seamless upper constructions aimed at reducing irritation and enhancing breathability.

User Testimonials

Real-life experiences and testimonials from runners provide valuable insights into the performance and durability of Craft running shoes. Users consistently praise Craft’s running shoes for their ability to withstand rigorous training, deliver comfort over long distances, and provide support during various running activities.

Craft CTM Ultra Multi Tester Review

Craft’s CTM Ultra lineup has received positive feedback from testers, emphasizing the brand’s attention to quality and detail in both the footwear and apparel. Testers noted the exceptional quality and durability of the CTM Ultra running shoes, emphasizing the brand’s Swedish attention to detail that sets their products apart.

Craft CTM Ultra 2 Review

The Craft CTM Ultra 2, part of Craft’s top-shelf options, offers versatility for both road and trail running. With a 40mm stack height, the shoe balances cushioning and responsiveness, making it suitable for various running terrains. The review also highlights the shoe’s integration of UD Foam for enhanced performance.

Product Comparisons

Craft running shoes stand out in comparison to other leading brands, offering a unique blend of performance, comfort, and durability. When compared to similar models from competing brands, Craft running shoes often excel in areas such as cushioning, fit, and versatility.

Maintenance and Durability

Proper maintenance is crucial for maximizing the lifespan of running shoes. Craft provides guidelines for maintaining the durability and performance of their running footwear, ensuring that users can enjoy long-lasting benefits from their investment.

Where to Buy

Craft running shoes are available for purchase online and in select physical stores. Interested buyers can explore Craft’s official website or trusted retailers to find a suitable pair of running shoes. Craft’s shipping and return policy also offers convenience and assurance for potential buyers.

Unveiling Craft Running’s Best-Selling Shoes: Elevate Your Running Experience

Craft Sportswear has consistently led the charge in providing top-quality running shoes designed to enhance the running experience for athletes and enthusiasts alike. Known for their commitment to innovation, Craft’s best-selling running shoes offer a blend of cutting-edge technology, superior comfort, and impeccable design.

1. Nordlite Ultra: The Vanguard of Performance

Craft’s Nordlite Ultra represents the pinnacle of performance running footwear, boasting a host of features aimed at propelling runners to new heights.

Key Features:

  • Responsive Midsole: Equipped with responsive midsole foam, the Nordlite Ultra delivers exceptional cushioning and energy return, ensuring a comfortable and responsive ride.
  • Durable Outsole: The durable outsole of the Nordlite Ultra provides superior traction and longevity, offering stability and grip on various surfaces.
  • Breathable Upper: Its seamless and breathable upper construction minimizes irritation and enhances airflow, contributing to a comfortable, supportive fit.
  • Versatile Design: The Nordlite Ultra’s versatile design makes it suitable for various terrains and running styles, catering to diverse runner preferences.

2. Nordic Glow: Illuminating Every Stride

Craft’s Nordic Glow shines as a beacon of innovation and style in the running shoe market. By blending performance elements with a visually striking design, the Nordic Glow captures the essence of progress.

Key Features:

  • Energy-Boosting Midsole: Crafted with a responsive midsole, the Nordic Glow provides exceptional cushioning and energy return, amplifying the comfort and responsiveness of each stride.
  • Nighttime Visibility: The Nordic Glow’s reflective elements ensure increased visibility in low-light conditions, enhancing safety during evening or early morning runs.
  • Supportive Fit: With its seamless upper construction, the Nordic Glow minimizes irritation and promotes breathability, delivering a supportive and comfortable fit.

3. Charge Fuseknit: Fusing Comfort and Performance

Craft’s Charge Fuseknit represents the marriage of comfort and performance, tailored to meet the demands of dedicated runners seeking a premium running experience.

Key Features:

  • Sock-Like Fit: The Charge Fuseknit’s sock-like construction offers a snug and supportive fit, reducing movement within the shoe and enhancing stability during runs.
  • Seamless Design: Crafted with a seamless upper, the Charge Fuseknit minimizes chafing and discomfort, promoting an irritation-free running experience.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: The Charge Fuseknit’s construction provides a flexible and adaptive feel, accommodating the natural movement of the foot with each stride.

4. Stellar Rush: Embarking on Unbridled Adventures

Craft’s Stellar Rush is the embodiment of adventure and endurance, designed to conquer diverse terrains and ignite the spirit of exploration in every runner.

Key Features:

  • All-Terrain Traction: The Stellar Rush’s outsole delivers exceptional grip and traction across various terrains, ensuring stability and confidence on challenging surfaces.
  • Reinforced Protection: Engineered with durable materials, the Stellar Rush offers enhanced protection against debris and potential hazards encountered on off-road runs.

5. Ultra Tundra: Conquering the Element

Craft’s Ultra Tundra stands as a testament to resilience and durability, providing unparalleled protection and comfort in harsh running conditions.

Key Features:

  • Weather-Resistant Construction: The Ultra Tundra’s design includes weather-resistant elements to shield against rain, wind, and cold, ensuring comfort and protection in adverse conditions.
  • Insulated Comfort: Crafted with insulating materials, the Ultra Tundra offers warmth and comfort, allowing runners to tackle cold-weather challenges with ease.

Craft’s best-selling running shoes embody the brand’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of optimal performance. By encapsulating advanced technology, superior comfort, and thoughtful design, Craft continues to elevate the running experience for athletes and enthusiasts around the globe.

Customer Reviews

  1. John Smith, New York City, NY “I’ve been using Craft’s Nordlite Ultra for months now, and I’m blown away! The cushioning is remarkable, and it feels like I’m running on clouds. The support and traction on various surfaces are fantastic. Highly recommend these for any serious runner.”

  2. Sarah Johnson, Los Angeles, CA “Craft’s Nordic Glow is a game-changer for me. The reflective elements are brilliant for my early morning runs. The shoe’s comfort and energy return make my runs smooth and enjoyable. Plus, the stylish design is a bonus! Love these shoes.”

  3. Mark Davis, Chicago, IL “The Charge Fuseknit by Craft has exceeded my expectations. The sock-like fit feels incredibly secure, and the flexibility is unmatched. I appreciate how durable they are for both road and light trail runs. Craft knocked it out of the park with this one.”

  4. Emily Thompson, Houston, TX “I’ve been putting the Stellar Rush through its paces on different terrains, and it has stood up to the challenge. The traction is superb, providing stability on rugged trails. The durability and protection they offer are exactly what I need for my trail adventures.”

  5. Michael Brown, Miami, FL “Craft’s Ultra Tundra has been a lifesaver during winter runs. They keep my feet warm and protected without sacrificing comfort. The weather-resistant design is a winner, and I feel confident in harsh weather conditions. These have become my go-to winter running shoes.”

 Pros and Cons


  • Responsive midsole foam for enhanced cushioning and energy return
  • Durable outsole providing excellent traction and longevity
  • Seamless upper construction minimizing irritation and enhancing breathability
  • Versatile design suitable for various terrains and running styles
  • Lightweight construction for reduced fatigue and improved running efficiency


  • Potential higher price point compared to some other running shoe brands
  • Limited availability in certain regions or stores
  • Specific models may have varying levels of arch support, potentially not suitable for all foot types


Craft Sportswear’s running shoes offer a blend of innovation, comfort, and performance, making them a compelling choice for runners seeking reliable footwear. The brand’s dedication to crafting running shoes that meet diverse runner needs is evident in the positive user experiences and the consistent praise for Craft’s footwear. By considering Craft running shoes, runners can elevate their performance and comfort while pursuing their fitness goals.


Q: What makes Craft running shoes unique in the market?

 A: Craft running shoes set themselves apart with their innovative designs, catering to both road and trail runners. They feature high-stack cushioning for optimal comfort, all-terrain outsoles for versatile traction, and durable yet lightweight materials suitable for different running environments.

Q: Can Craft running shoes be used for both road and trail running?

 A: Yes, many Craft running shoe models, like the CTM Ultra 2, are designed to perform well on both road and trail surfaces, thanks to their all-terrain outsoles and adaptable design features.

Q: What kind of cushioning technology is used in Craft’s running shoes?

 A: Craft uses their proprietary UD Foam, a type of EVA, in models like the CTM Ultra 2, to provide a soft and protective ride with a good amount of energy return that is ideal for daily training and uptempo runs.

Q: Do Craft running shoes come with a carbon plate?

 A: Some models, such as the CTM Ultra Carbon 2, come equipped with a carbon plate for increased propulsion and energy savings. However, non-plated options like the CTM Ultra 2 also ensure a comfortable and responsive ride without the plate.

Q: What is the heel-to-toe drop of Craft running shoes?

A: The heel-to-toe drop in Craft shoes can vary by model. For instance, the CTM Ultra 2 features a 10mm drop, designed to cater to a wide range of runners and their individual stride preferences.

Q: Are Craft running shoes available in different widths?

 A: Most models are offered in standard widths. However, it’s advisable to consult with product specifications for each model to ensure the perfect fit, as offerings may vary.

Q: How durable are Craft running shoes?

A: Craft’s commitment to durability is evident in features like high-density rubber outsoles and premium materials used in the upper construction. These allow the shoes to withstand the wear and tear of long-distance and varied terrain running.

Q: What is the price range of Craft running shoes?

 A: Prices can vary depending on the model and features. They range from mid-tier to high-end price points, ensuring a range of options for different budgets without compromising on quality and performance.

Q: How should Craft running shoes be maintained for longevity?

 A: To maintain the performance and durability, it’s recommended to clean the shoes with a gentle brush and mild soap, avoid machine washing, and let them air dry away from direct heat sources. Rotating between two pairs of running shoes can also prolong their lifespan.

Q: Where can I buy Craft running shoes?

 A: Craft running shoes can be purchased through their official website, authorized retailers, and various online sporting goods stores. Keep an eye on different outlets for special discounts and deals.

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