Asics Showdown: Novablast Vs Superblast – Which Reigns Supreme?

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You’re lacing up for your morning run and you’re faced with a choice between two popular champions from the Asics lineup: the Novablast and the Superblast. Each boasts its own set of features designed to optimize your run, from advanced midsole technologies to nuanced differences in cushioning level and weight. In “Asics Showdown: Novablast Vs Superblast – Which Reigns Supreme?” your quest to discover the ideal running companion is about to get easier.

This thorough comparison will guide you through everything from the FLYTEFOAM Blast™ cushions beneath your feet to the snug embrace of the engineered mesh around them, helping you pin down which shoe might just give you the extra edge on the track or trail. Whether you prioritize a light stride for daily training or more support for those long-distance treks, this article is your roadmap to making an informed choice that syncs perfectly with your running aspirations.

Overview of Asics Novablast and Superblast

Short description of each shoe

As a runner, you’re always seeking the perfect stride, and Asics offers you two contenders: Asics Novablast and Asics Superblast. The Novablast is known for its energetic rebound, and lightweight build, and is touted as ideal for your daily training sessions. On the other hand, the Superblast steps up as the powerhouse for the long-distance enthusiasts, offering enhanced cushioning with its FLYTEFOAM Blast™ Plus technology.

Introduce a comparison table highlighting key features and benefits

Feature Asics Novablast Asics Superblast
Midsole Technology FLYTEFOAM Blast™ FLYTEFOAM Blast™ Plus
Upper Material Engineered mesh Soft engineered mesh
Heel Drop 10mm 8mm
Weight Lighter build Slightly heavier
Best for Daily training Long-distance runs
Cushioning Level High Higher
Price Medium range Higher range

Benefits comparison: Explain how each feature translates into a benefit for the runner

For you, each feature brings tangible benefits. The midsole technologies in both shoes promise responsive cushioning, with the Superblast’s Plus variant offering you a bit more oomph for those extra miles. The mesh upper wraps your foot in breathable comfort, while variations in heel drop cater to different running styles and preferences. The lighter weight of the Novablast won’t slow you down during quick runs, whereas the Superblast’s sturdier build provides lasting support and energy return, especially on lengthier jaunts. In terms of finance, the Novablast sits comfortably in the middle range, while the Superblast is an investment in your long-term running ambitions.

Detailed Comparison

Performance and Technology

The Novablast is equipped with an efficient FLYTEFOAM Blast™ midsole that offers a great balance between cushioning and rebound, encouraging a dynamic ride. But it’s the Superblast, with its FLYTEFOAM Blast™ Plus, that goes the extra mile, yielding even more cushioning and bounce, which might just turn those grueling marathons into a more comfortable affair.

Design and Materials

Both shoes exhibit a sleek, contemporary design with practical engineered mesh uppers that allow your feet to breathe. However, the Superblast’s mesh is softer, potentially providing a more plush experience.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort is key, and both the Novablast and Superblast deliver it in heaps. With padding placed just right and a heel grip that avoids any unnecessary slippage, you’ll find these shoes to be true companions. They generally fit true to size, yet it is always a good idea to double-check against standard sizes to find your perfect match.

Durability and Quality

Durability is essential, and here the outsole’s wear will be your main indicator. Both models are built to last, but depending on your running conditions—be it asphalt, track, or trail—their longevity might vary. Superior materials ensure that both maintain their performance qualities over time.

Use Cases

Are you primed for daily training or preparing for the next big race? The Novablast is your ally through regular workouts, while the Superblast shines when endurance is the game. They both adapt well to various terrains, but always pay attention to the shoe’s grip and stability factors.

Price and Value

When it comes to cost, the Novablast is easier on your wallet, while the Superblast asks for a bit more investment. Judging by the comprehensive features, each shoe holds its value, and it comes down to your personal need for advanced technology and additional cushioning to determine the better value for you.

Asics Showdown: Novablast Vs Superblast – Which Reigns Supreme?

Performance and Technology

Midsole Comparison: Explaining the difference between FLYTEFOAM Blast™ and FLYTEFOAM Blast™ Plus

In the realm of midsoles, it’s the composition that counts. The FLYTEFOAM Blast™ in the Novablast provides a highly responsive cushion that fuels your stride with energy. Superblast’s FLYTEFOAM Blast™ Plus takes this a step further with an increased rebound factor and longevity, which means your shoes stay responsive for longer, potentially giving you an edge in endurance runs.

Energy Return: Discuss which shoe provides better energy bounce-back during runs

If you’re chasing that feeling of being propelled forward with every step, both the Novablast and Superblast are your friends. However, the Superblast, with its advanced FLYTEFOAM Blast™ Plus, promises a touch more energy return, keeping your steps springy even when fatigue hits.

Design and Materials

Upper Construction: Compare the engineered mesh and its benefits for breathability and comfort

Your feet will love the engineered mesh that graces the uppers of both shoes, providing a breathable sanctuary for those hard-working toes. The Superblast’s mesh is touted as softer, potentially enhancing that snug, comfortable embrace of your foot.

Aesthetic Appeal: Discuss the visual design aspects of both shoes

Both the Novablast and Superblast boast designs that are modern and appealing. Sleek lines and vibrant color options ensure you look as good as you feel while pounding the pavement. The choice comes down to personal style preference as both are eye-catching in their own unique ways.

Asics Showdown: Novablast Vs Superblast – Which Reigns Supreme?

Comfort and Fit

In-shoe Feel: Describe the padding, heel grip, and overall in-shoe comfort

Comfort isn’t just a feature; it’s a necessity. Inside both shoes, the world seems softer, with padding that eases impact and heel grips that prevent slipping. The in-shoe environment has been meticulously crafted to ensure that even the longest runs are carried out in comfort.

Sizing and Fit: Offer advice on how they fit compared to standard running shoes sizes

Both shoes generally follow standard running shoe sizes, but it’s crucial to remember that fit can be subjective. It’s a smart move to try them on, if possible, or consult the sizing chart, keeping in mind that your feet may swell a little during long runs.

Durability and Quality

Outsole Wear: Analyze the longevity of the sole in various running conditions

The outsole of any running shoe is the first line of defense against the relentless ground. Asics has crafted both the Novablast and Superblast with durable materials, but keep an eye on how they wear down, especially if you frequent rougher terrains.

Material Quality: Discuss material durability and performance over time

Quality materials stand the test of time, and Asics doesn’t cut corners here. Both models maintain their structural integrity and performance features, with the Superblast’s plush construction proving its worth over many miles.

Use Cases

Recommended Activities: Specify which activities or types of training each shoe excels at

Whether it’s tempo runs or long Sunday jogs, the Novablast will support your daily training needs. In contrast, the Superblast is especially attuned to the stamina required for marathons and prolonged distances.

Terrain Adaptability: Assess how each shoe handles different running surfaces

Thanks to their versatile design, both the Novablast and Superblast perform admirably across a variety of surfaces. However, it’s important to match your shoe choice to the predominant terrain you run on for optimal performance and durability.

Price and Value

Cost Analysis: Compare the pricing of both shoes

The Novablast presents a more pocket-friendly option, while the Superblast, with its extra bells and whistles, sits at the higher end of the spectrum.

Value for Money: Judge which shoe offers better value for its features

Regarding value for money, both shoes deliver on their promises. The choice comes down to whether the Superblast’s enhanced features justify the price surge for your specific running endeavors.

User Experience and Reviews

Compile consumer feedback highlighting pros and cons for both shoes

The voice of the running community often shines a light on aspects you might not have considered:

Asics Novablast

  • Pros:
    • Lightweight and nimble for quick runs
    • Responsive midsole gives a bouncy feel
    • Breathable mesh keeps feet cool
  • Cons:
    • Some runners might seek more cushion for longer distances
    • May not be as plush as the Superblast

Asics Superblast

  • Pros:
    • Premium cushioning suited for long distances
    • Durable and supportive over time
    • Soft mesh provides enhanced foot comfort
  • Cons:
    • Higher price point
    • Slightly heavier, which could affect speed-focused runners

Include bullet points for clear visualization of user opinions


Restate the significance of selecting the right shoe for individual needs

Choosing the right running shoe is more than a matter of preference; it’s an investment in your health and performance. Whether you prize responsiveness and speed or cushioning and support, there’s an Asics shoe tailored to your needs.

Encourage readers to consider their personal requirements and preferences in light of the comparison made

Think about your running goals, the distances you cover, and how often you hit the road. By weighing the differences between the Novablast and the Superblast, you can make an informed decision that complements your dedication to the sport. Remember, the right shoe isn’t just about fit – it’s about fueling your passion for running with every stride.

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