Alive Shoes Review: The Ultimate Platform for Customizable Footwear Enthusiasts

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In an age where customization is king, few platforms cater to the desire for personalized footwear as impressively as Alive Shoes. With its promise of empowering the creative spirit through shoe customization, Alive Shoes has carved a niche for itself in the fashion world. In this Alive Shoes Review, we’ll take an all-encompassing look at this platform, offering insights into everything from the interface to the physical feel of the final product.

Alive Shoes stands out in the crowded market with a unique value proposition: offering individuals not just customizable footwear but also a chance to launch their line of shoes. Here, personal style meets entrepreneurial spirit, a combination that merits a comprehensive review.

What Exactly Are Alive Shoes?

Imagine stepping into the world of shoe design, with no barriers between your creative ideas and a pair of shoes on your feet. That’s the Alive Shoes experience. Originating from the heart of Italy’s shoemaking district, the platform combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design tools.

Navigating the Alive Shoes Process

For those interested in how Alive Shoes works, the process is a beautiful blend of simplicity and sophistication:

  1. Users start with a design template and then customize to their heart’s desire.
  2. Upon completing a design, the challenge is to reach pre-order sales goals.
  3. Once the goal is hit, production begins, honoring the fine Italian craftsmanship.
  4. The final product passes through rigorous quality checks before being shipped to customers.

This journey from design to delivery exemplifies the platform’s user-friendliness and dedication to quality.

 Main Key Features and Benefits of Alive Shoes

Key Features Benefits Drawbacks
Custom Design Platform – Enables personal expression through footwear – Quality may not meet expectations
Italian Artisan Craftsmanship – Promises high-quality construction – Some customers find the finished product cheap
Limited Production Runs – Exclusive and unique product offerings – High pricing compared to the perceived quality
Marketing Support – Provides a platform for designers to promote their brand – Requires a strong network or following to succeed
Online Design Tools – Easy to use interface for designing shoes – Additional fees for more design options
Direct to Consumer Model – No need for large start-up costs for designers – Sales goals must be met before production begins
Small Quantity Orders – Low risk approach to launching shoe designs – Can be challenging for new designers with a small audience
Customer Support – Reportedly prompt and helpful tech support – Some reported unresolved issues
Entrepreneurial Opportunity – Potential for profit for individuals with good marketing – Platform may not be ideal for those without marketing and business acumen
Ethical Production – Ethical manufacturing claimed – No detailed information on ethical practices provided

Customer Experience with Alive Shoes

Customers have often reported their satisfaction with the personalized touch of Alive Shoes:

  • Robert Wynder praises the quick delivery and stunning product quality.
  • Jemeria Cummings found the platform’s process awe-inspiring, not only in creating designs but also in receiving positive feedback.

The Quality of Craftsmanship

Alive Shoes isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about quality too. Utilizing premium materials and constructed by skilled Italian artisans, the shoes showcase a luxury-grade build. The quality of Alive Shoes often exceeds both first-time buyers’ and seasoned designers’ expectations.

The Myriad of Design and Style Options

Users are spoiled for choice with Alive Shoes’ design options:

  • An array of styles ranging from sneakers to high heels.
  • A color palette that’s extensive and a material selection including genuine leather and vegan options.
  • The flexibility to inspire enthusiasts to bring forth designs that reflect their personal brand.

The Business Side of Alive Shoes

Aside from personal use, Alive Shoes offers a tantalizing business opportunity. Designers can earn a profit once their shoe designs reach the platform’s pre-order sales target, allowing them to operate a shoe business without the usual overhead.

Production and Ethical Respects

Alive Shoes prides itself on ethical manufacturing, ensuring not only the quality but also the sustainability of its production. By maintaining operations in Le Marche, Italy, they reverberate the commitment to slowing down fashion’s footprint, ensuring each pair of shoes is made with both heart and environmental consciousness.

Pricing: Is it Worth It?

Given the customization options and Italian manufacturing, one might expect exorbitant prices, but Alive Shoes manages to keep costs reasonable. While you may find shoes upwards of $200, the value aligns closely with the luxury custom-made market segment.

From Vision to Reality: Success Stories

The platform is riddled with success stories:

  • Designers like Emmo Machebe and Jenny Laurens who have incorporated Alive Shoes into their business models, exponentially increasing their reach.
  • Many users leverage the brand’s partnership model to elevate their own brands to new heights.

Getting Started: A Walkthrough for Aspiring Designers

For those looking to embark on a journey with Alive Shoes, here’s a quick guide:

  1. Conceptualize your shoe design, keeping in mind the current trends and your personal brand essence.
  2. Utilize the platform’s design tools to bring your vision to life.
  3. Promote your design through your networks and social media to hit your sales targets.

Facing the Challenges

However, users should be aware of potential challenges:

  • The competitive market might make it difficult for new designers to stand out.
  • Achieving the initial sales target to trigger production can be a hurdle for those with smaller social followings.

  Alive’s Best Selling Shoes

ALEXANDERS by Darius Alexander

Sophistication Meets Edge:

  • Seductive Silhouette: These high heels boast a slick stiletto heel paired with a sharp pointed toe, embodying both grace and power.
  • Quality Materials: Crafted from supple leather and a striking camouflage textile.
  • Italian Craftsmanship: As with all Alive Shoes, these are meticulously handcrafted in Italy, ensuring unparalleled quality.

OHHO by Allef V. Bails

Luxe Comfort:

  • Adjustable Straps: Three hook-and-loop straps offer a customizable fit for supreme comfort.
  • Metal Accents: The shoes are designed with chic metal details for a polished look.
  • Foot Support: With a soft and comfortable insole, these sandals don’t just look good – they feel good too.

VISION ID by Tim Buckler

Performance Meets Style:

  • High-Top Design: Geared towards basketball enthusiasts, this design promises ankle support and style on the court.
  • Technical Sole: Features a Vibram sole known for its durability and grip, making it basketball-ready.
  • Unique Detailing: The inclusion of a small rubber basketball embellishment adds an original twist.

SPIDER KID by James Barry

Durability for Play:

  • Kid-Focused Comfort: These high tops are tailored for kids, ensuring comfort and durability for play.
  • Basketball-Inspired: A homage to the basketball court, designed for young sports enthusiasts.
  • Versatile Style: Suitable for various activities, these shoes bring style to playtime and beyond.

LA PERLE by Jenny Leonards

Elegance with Comfort:

  • Glamorous Design: LA PERLE positions itself as synonymous with elegance, appreciated by fashion aficionados.
  • High-Quality Build: The commitment to quality is unwavering, with each pair reflecting attention to detail.
  • Client Satisfaction: Testimonials like Jenny Leonard’s underscore a high level of customer satisfaction, reinforcing the brand’s dedication to service.

Common Threads of Excellence: Across all these best-selling shoes from Alive Shoes, certain features and benefits are a mainstay:

  • Made in Italy: Each shoe is crafted in the Italian shoemaking district, reflecting a heritage of quality and style.
  • Customizable Options: These high-performing shoes offer a range of customization options, from materials to design details.
  • Direct-to-Consumer: Alive Shoes’ business model eliminates middlemen, providing designers with fair profits and customers with cost-effective pricing.
  • Creative Freedom: Enthusiasts have the rare opportunity to create something truly unique to their personal style and preferences.
  • Support for Indie Designers: Alive Shoes actively promotes independent designers and creatives, offering a platform for them to shine.

Customer Reviews

Review by Madison R. – Seattle, WA

“The moment I unboxed my custom-designed heels from Alive Shoes, I was in awe. The craftsmanship was impeccable, and they fit like a dream. They’ve quickly become the centerpiece of my wardrobe, and I’ve already received countless compliments. Exceptional quality and a true piece of art for my feet!”

Review by Elijah T. – Atlanta, GA

“Alive Shoes has completely changed the game for me. As a sneakerhead, the opportunity to design my own sneakers was a dream come true. When they arrived, the vibrant colors and the premium materials exceeded my expectations. It’s like walking on air with a slice of personalized haute couture.”

Review by Sophia L. – Boston, MA

“I received my first pair of loafers from Alive Shoes, and I’m thoroughly impressed. The leather is soft, the design is chic, and they’re incredibly comfortable for all-day wear. The attention to detail is outstanding, making these shoes nothing short of a luxury item.”

Review by Henry T. – Austin, TX

“I was skeptical about ordering shoes online, but Alive Shoes has won me over. The basketball shoes I customized not only help me stand out on the court, but they also offer great support during play. The quality of the material and design is exactly what I was promised – top-notch.”

Review by Isabella P. – San Francisco, CA

“Alive Shoes delivered a unique shopping experience for me. I customized a pair of platform boots and was delighted with the end product. The chic design, combined with comfort and sturdiness, makes these boots a staple for my fashion-forward lifestyle.”

Review by Oliver G. – Miami, FL

“Stumbling upon the Alive Shoes platform has opened up a new avenue of creativity for me. Designing my own casual slip-ons was fun, and seeing the final product was even more rewarding. They’re not just shoes; they’re my own creation that I proudly wear.”

Review by Ava K. – New York, NY

“The elegance and comfort of the high heels from Alive Shoes are unmatched. They effortlessly transitioned from a day at the office to an evening event. Customizing my own pair was a breeze, and the fact that they are made with such care in Italy just adds to the luxe feel.”

 Pros and Cons


  • Custom Design Platform: Allows for personal expression through customizable footwear design.
  • Italian Artisan Craftsmanship: High-quality shoe construction promised due to Italian manufacturing.
  • Limited Production Runs: Exclusivity through limited edition product offerings.
  • Support for Creatives: Platform designed to help artists, musicians, and creatives launch their own shoe lines.
  • Professional Resources: AliveShoes provides extensive resources for designers to create a shoe line from scratch.
  • Business Opportunity: Potential for profit through a direct-to-consumer model, with $30 profit on each pair sold after reaching pre-order sales goals.
  • Social Media and E-commerce Friendly: Platform capitalizes on the growth of e-commerce and social media marketing.
  • Access to Wide Market: Caters to a new generation of consumers looking for unique, limited-edition products.


  • Quality Concerns: Some users find the finished product and materials to be of lesser quality than expected.
  • High Pricing: Products can be expensive, challenging their value for money.
  • Sales Goal Requirement: Production only begins once pre-order sales goals are reached, which can be difficult for those without a large following.
  • Limited Free Design Options: Initial design options are limited, and there are fees for additional custom design features.
  • Potential for Misleading Promises: Some feedback indicates the company might exploit individual desires to break into the shoe industry without delivering as promised.

In Conclusion: The Verdict on Alive Shoes

Summarizing our Alive Shoes review, it’s clear that the platform offers a rare fusion of creativity, quality, and entrepreneurial opportunity. For those with a vision for footwear and a strategic mind for marketing, Alive Shoes could be a game-changer.


What is Alive Shoes?

Alive Shoes is an innovative platform that allows individuals to design and sell their own shoes. With Italian craftsmanship, designers can bring their footwear visions to life and offer them directly to consumers.

How can I design a shoe with Alive Shoes?

You can create a shoe design using Alive Shoes’ online design tools. Choose from various templates, styles, and materials to craft a unique shoe that reflects your personal brand or style.

Are Alive Shoes made with authentic materials?

Yes, Alive Shoes are made with authentic, high-quality materials, including premium leather, sustainable fabrics, and vegan options, ensuring both luxury and ethical production standards.

Where are Alive Shoes manufactured?

All Alive Shoes are manufactured in the renowned shoemaking region of Le Marche, Italy, which is famous for its centuries-old tradition of high-quality shoemaking.

Can I create a brand with Alive Shoes?

Absolutely. Alive Shoes gives you the platform to not only design shoes but also to launch and grow your own shoe brand with the help of their marketing and production tools.

What types of shoes can I design on Alive Shoes?

You have the freedom to design various types of shoes, from casual sneakers and stylish high heels to boots and sandals, all customizable to your design preferences.

How much will it cost to design and sell my own shoes?

Designing a shoe on Alive Shoes is initially free. However, if you wish to access more advanced design options and materials, or if you decide to sell your designs, there are costs associated with these services.

How long does it take to receive a pair of custom-designed shoes?

Production times can vary, but typically it takes 2-4 weeks to handcraft a pair of Alive Shoes after the design is finalized and the pre-order goal is reached.

Can I return a pair of Alive Shoes if I’m not satisfied?

Alive Shoes offers a return policy, but the specifics may vary based on certain conditions, such as customization and wear. It’s best to review their official return policy for detailed information.

Are there opportunities for designers to profit from their shoe designs?

Yes, designers can profit from their designs. Once your shoe design reaches a set pre-order sales goal, you can earn revenue from the sales made through the platform.

Is Alive Shoes environmentally conscious in its production process?

Alive Shoes pledges to an ethical manufacturing process with a reduced environmental impact, adhering to sustainable practices while creating their quality shoes.

If I have no experience in shoe design, can I still use Alive Shoes?

Yes, you don’t need prior experience in shoe design to use Alive Shoes. The platform is user-friendly and designed to guide you through the creation process, making it accessible for novices and experienced designers alike.

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